Monday, December 8, 2008

Kissy Kissy

You have wanted your little one to still enjoy the most softest apparel on the market when they grew to a toddler size and NOW YOU CAN!!!!!Kissy Kissy toddler has arrived!!! Kissy Kissy has a HUGE collection, and NOT all the prints went up to toddler, so if you come in and see a print you want in toddler and it is not out, then it is because it didn't come in toddler sizes. The toddler that has come into Bellamia so far is ADORABLE!!!!! Can't wait for you to see!


Darby said...

Oh Katie!! Santa please bring my toddlers Kissy Kissy!! :) Can't wait to see it and touch it!!

Alvaro said...

Hello¡¡I´m spanish and i adore the baby a don´t speak english very wellmy blog is

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