Monday, October 20, 2014

a hello...and a super yummy and simple healthy recipe :)

So, it's not my Nana's pot roast recipe yet.....but I did just whip this up for lunch and decided it was blog worthy because of it's simplicity, AND after hearing Elizabeth's...."Mmmmmm, this is so good, Mom."

After a week of a completely blessed and thankful vacation to the sand and sea, and a hectic week while Tim was away prior to that; our "diet" of choice has been one not to brag about.....

Honestly, the last 8 weeks or so, we've slacked on the healthy eating and I'm feeling it through my whole body...mind and soul included.

So, I told the family that we were back at it, so better get ready. It's hard to eat clean when you're so busy.....BUT, it's not the cooking on the hard's the preparation for the week, so that you don't "do easy" and "cheat"..... Those Buy One Get One frozen pizzas look mighty easy and cheap, but is it good for you....I'll let you decide.

So I had some ground chicken that I was going to use for dinner tonight and just ran up to the little grocery down the road for some fresh green beans and decided to use a little of both for a quick and healthy lunch for Lizzy and myself...

Again, since I wasn't planning on blogging it, you only get the finished product and none of the cooking. It truly is simple and you can whip it up in 15mins.

Ingredients-and I don't measure if I'm not planning to record it, so you might have to adjust a tad..

1lb of FRESH green beans (snap the ends off)
1/3lb ground chicken
1 chopped green onion
1 generous tsp of curry powder
salt to taste (about 1 tsp)
olive oil (drizzle)
coconut milk
toasted almonds

I heated the oil in the pan while snapping my green beans and added them as I snapped. Then I immediately added my chicken , salt and curry powders. On med-high heat, I stirred and tossed until chicken was done (white in the middle- easy to tell with ground chicken. about 5-7mins)

I then added my onion and drizzled with coconut milk until I had the chicken mixture coated. I didn't want a "soupy" mix, just kind of "dressed", cut heat down to low, stir it to completely coat the beans and chicken,  put a lid on it and walk away for a few minutes.

Serve it up with some toasted almonds (lightly salted)-

And enjoy your "clean" and healthy meal :) Serves 2 (FYI- I think this would be delicious served cold, so the left overs are going in a mason jar to school tomorrow for the big girl's lunch)

I've changed my menu tonight and decided this was just too easy not to repeat! I 've got a meeting at supper time, so this would be super easy to prepare for the fam before heading out. I'll be tripling the recipe tonight but might only do 2 tsp of curry powder. If you love curry, then add to taste :)

I'd love to hear your feed back.... Do my recipes help you busy peeps out there? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, or on FB if you have a suggestion or say "keep 'em coming!"...

I brought the "real" camera out on our beach trip, along with the phone one.... Enjoy some of the pics below.

Our girlies are growing up and sweet, little Hope will be ONE YEAR OLD next month! Our girls make me smile. Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

quick and easy lunch...

Nana's Roast in simmering on the stove top for supper, so I'll be joining y'all soon with the details on that.....

 in the mean time, this is what's for lunch today. It's not exactly "healthy" but it's something I hadn't made in awhile and I love it.....

I wasn't planning on blogging this, so there are no pics of the process. But here ya go...

Pimento Cheese-

I know you can fancy up this bad boy, but I just do the basic-

(1) block (16oz)of Sharp Cheddar Cheese- I shred mine on the tiny blade side- You can make your Pimento Cheese healthier by shredding your own cheese instead of buying the pre-shredded packs that are packed with tons of preservatives to keep them "fresh"-

(1) small jar of Diced Pimentos (again you can make it healthier if you just roast a sweet red pepper in the oven and dice them yourself)

(1) thinly sliced green onion (this makes it to me- so good-don't omit, even if you don't like onions, you will and you'll thank me.)

(1) cup of mayo 

(1) tsp. ground black pepper (optional- I love it, kids don't)

Mix altogether in a bowl. I am serving mine today with the above cracker. Have you tried them?? Oh, they are good!! And the perfect sweetness to the sharp cheddar combo. Also, we love a little pickle on the side of our deli meal, so we are changing up with pickled Okra. 

This would be a SIMPLE meal to pack for the kiddos for a school lunch. 

Happy Thursday, see you soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

People need people....filling our hungry souls...

ok, so my friend Misty won....

If you follow me on social media, then you saw my request for help on a blogging topic because I've been a little locked up in the writing department lately.

I truly love to sit behind the screen and type. Call me crazy, but it's like I want to just pour out into words my thoughts, beliefs and ideas. I sat down many times over the last month and found myself not able to hit the publish button on any of my writings.

I had some wonderful people suggest a topic to get my mind right again, and as soon as Misty suggested "ministering in service to people", I'm not going to lie, it kind of stung a little....but something that has been on my heart lately.

Just the other day, I asked Tim about a super sweet  and awesome single guy, that was in flight school here, that moved away several years ago. I missed his presence in our home, which was at least every Sunday (or close to it) around the table after church. You never know how much your Nana's pot roast recipe can minister to someone until you ask that person what their last meal would like to be and they answer with out a single hesitation, "your pot roast!"....

But, I'm not fully convinced it was the tender, fall apart in your mouth meat, smothered in gravy, that had him coming back for more.

I would like to think it was Jesus.

Have you ever thought about Jesus' ministry with people? I'm mean- with people....not "to" people....

I often find myself in a state of Matthew, a person out in the community, doing a service by taking peoples money. aka: Matthew, the tax collector.

Until Jesus came to him and said....follow me.

The follow me is what has been on my heart a lot lately. More so, wondering if our children have witnessed us following him.

What I mean by that is: have they witnessed us following him, when it wasn't convenient?

Have they seen love poured unexpectedly on the meek?

Have they seen forgiveness poured out on the sinner?

Have they seen us drop everything comfortable to get messy with messy people?

I have been so wrapped up in just "making it through the day" mode, over the last couple years, that I feel like I have missed a very good opportunity to show them that we need people. And through people, we see Jesus.

I feel so certain, that our perfect savior showed us a very deep passage in scripture identifying with us on what it's like when you don't have people surrounding you.

I'm talking about Matthew 4:1-11

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil.After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”
Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’[b]
Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:
“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
    and they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]
Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[d]
Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”
10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]
11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

I know a lot of you have heard me use the word "mangry" which stands for- I'm hungry, mean and angry.

I can assure you that if it were me in the above passage I would be "MANGRY"....and not sure what I'd do.... if you've ever been in that state (which I highly doubt any of us have fasted for 40 days), then I'd imagine we'd given in to Satan's temptation.

But what if we had someone in our ear encouraging us, someone in our ear speaking truth, someone beside us telling us to stand firm?? What then would we do?

I know there are "seasons" as we call them, in our life where we 'need a break', or busy lifestyles take over and you have to drop things to stay me, I totally get that.

But, how long do seasons last? How long should they last? And do they help you or hurt you? How do you get out of that season and start a new one? It's hard for me to leave comfort. You? It's much easier for me to think about a clean kitchen after church then dishes piled high in the sink....

I believe Jesus is telling me from the above verse, to watch out. That when you go through a weak time in your life, it is never more evident that Satan will attack you in your weaknesses and try to rip you from every truth you know to be true and believe with your whole heart and soul.

I think it's safe to to remind you all that I went through a deep depression early on in our marriage, that I believe was not chemical, but self induced. When I look back at that time, I remember one vivid feeling.....I felt alone. And through that feeling, I didn't want to be around people. But that kept feeding the fire. I was in a very vulnerable state as Satan fed me lies... that encouraged me more so, to stay alone; that my feelings were valid and I didn't need anyone because they wouldn't help me....they wouldn't understand.....they truly didn't love me.....and definitely wouldn't get how I'm feeling....

Thank God, for the freedom He poured on me as I repeated something very similar to what Jesus said to him as I told him to flee from me; and I experienced the scales fall off my eyes so I could see Jesus clearly.

But what if I would have kept myself surrounded by people? What if I didn't take myself to the wilderness? What if I would have poured myself into others and taken the focus off of me and pointed it to Christ?

I remember early on in our parenting when we saw our children becoming very self focused.... I remember Tim telling them to pray for others..... to serve others.....that God would use that to take the focus off of them and direct it back to the one who deserves the glory.

I just wish I would remember this myself so many times, especially when I turn my days into survival.

So, yes, I often think that if I would lay down my selfish comforts and stretched myself to places that bring humility and grace, Jesus will shine brighter not only in other's lives but will live in me. And his power will be manifested in me as Corinthians speaks of.

Power to overcome any temptation.

That's an amazing realization.

Thankful my Nana's pot roast could be used to bring people to the table; but more thankful that we  are designed to feed off of Jesus to fill our hungry souls.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

And so I sit...

staring at the screen. My heart and thoughts are all over the place lately. There are times I want to sit down and blog, and other times I want to use any spare time to nap....

Lots of happenings around the Pilcher household. Our two oldest head off to High School in a count down of just a few more weeks.

My heart struggles with this. This has been a busy summer and there are times I just look at these few weeks and start to feel really down. Kind of like when you're on vacation, and half way through you start to hate the fact you only have a couple more days of vacay instead of making every minute and enjoying the rest of the time we have. My mind isn't right.....I know that.

I know they won't be "gone", but I'm not gonna lie to myself and say it will be the same. It won't. They will be busy, busy. This is an exciting time in their lives as they build and make critical decisions that will play out in their future, and I don't just mean academically.

This is it, they may still be in our nest, but they are so grown. And we are excited that they are going to make decisions on their own. That they are building their future. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. If you are a parent of a teen, then I know you understand. If you're not, make sure you understand, that those crazy toddler years and up are so important.

Behavior demonstrates belief......Probably my hubby's favorite quote. They are watching you......

We will continue to homeschool our sweet, crazy, adventurous  Lizzy, who just turned 11 years old yesterday. Birthdays fill our summer :)

We currently have two 14 year olds in the house, and one that is about to turn 15 in just two weeks....eek!!! I keep thinking about a boy I started dating at her age, that became my husband a few short years later.

Crazy to think...

Hope is into EVERYTHING! We can't keep this girlie down! I have moved almost every item that sits less then 24 inches off the ground....she has discovered how to open cabinets and just this morning when I held my hands over the door so she couldn't open, just kept swatting my hand and fussing....Smart girl, she knew I was keeping her from it.

She has finally made it to sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah!!!  I'm quite shocked she's not walking yet, but we will find her standing on her own for a few seconds every now and then.

She has become quite clingy lately. What could be a little annoying at times, has in turn brought me peace knowing that she has bonded so well with me. Melts my heart. She has a smile that lights up a room like her older sister.

I'm so thankful that Jillian and Emily have had this year at home to enjoy her and for her to enjoy them. They are awesome big sisters. I love how God laid on our hearts to homeschool way before adoption was in our thoughts. This just shows how detailed our God is. I love it.

Speaking of adoption.....If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably overwhelmed (a nice word for annoyed ;) ) with my posting on this.

Our sweet friends, that started up Forever Families Foundation, asked me to be on their board last year. This has been a huge blessing to be apart of. If you will click on their name above it will direct you to our home page for our website.

On that home page is a way that you can register for a fundraising event (or simply just purchase a t-shirt) that we are having....hosted by Circle City CrossFit in Dothan, Alabama.

Now for you that are reading this and say...."THERE IS NO WAY THAT I AM DOING OR CAN DO CROSSFIT", let me go ahead and encourage you that there is a work out planned for anyone to do, or you can register for the Fun Run/Walk event that will also take place that same morning.

We are dreaming BIG, praying BIG and expecting BIG from this event. We have already been extremely blessed by generous corporate sponsors and individuals that want to see our bank account BURSTING with funds for our next Grant distribution in October.

We are non-profit, so 100% of ALL funds go to Christian Families in need of financial assistance in their adoption process. If you follow Forever Families Foundation via FB, you will already see some family members home with, or getting ready to pick up their child/children that the Foundation has helped fund through people like you.

So yes, I'm going to make a plug here and ask that you sign up for the Fundraiser, Pray for the event and foundation to be successful. AND if you would like to support us, please know that NO amount of money is too small.

When you go through an adoption....pennies matter. You wouldn't believe how many times I hear of how God provided through someone that "thought" their donation was small, but it was exactly what that family needed at the time.

Please consider how to help. I plan on updating you all with numbers after the event that will show how Big our God cares for the fatherless, that He plowed a way for families to bring them home.

Until next time peeps! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mini-version of the best BLT....E.V.E.R.

this is from the archives, but I was craving this yesterday and decided to give it a little twist by turning it mini....aka: bite size (well, maybe double bites unless you have a big mouth...)....

Follow the recipe below- but buy you a crusty baguette (sliced on a pretty diagonal) and drizzle with olive oil for toasting, change out your lettuce with arugula, cut your avocado smaller, and crumble your bacon on top.  And you will come out with these pretties......

Enjoy this Summertime BLT!


you're welcome.

If you don't try this, then you might be crazy. If you do, then you will thank me for the rest of your life........

The best BLT...... E.V.E.R.

first step...... my SIL's inspiration...

your mayo. scoop about two spoonfuls of mayo in a small bowl. add your basil (chopped...I used about 8-10 very small leaves).....

 give it a whip, add plastic wrap to cover and pop in the fridge until serving....

my kiddos eat these cherry tomatoes like candy. We buy multiple packs per week. Take 3 large handfuls and if they are this large, slice in half......

Add them to a small skillet, sprinkle with salt and crank the heat to med high for about 4-5 mins..

Let me introduce you to my friend.....

I bought her on accident, and I will admit, it was the best accident I ever made; besides the one when I got preggo with my second child when my first child was only 8 weeks old......
 add about 1/4 cup of my friend to your tomatoes, and let it hang out on a simmer for about 3-4 mins..

okay people, BLT's on white bread only. I'm sorry, only sour dough can substitute in my book. This is my Nana's braided bread recipe. Maybe one day when I feel really adventurous I might blog the process of making it. I finally mastered it, and smells of sweet memories fill my home when making it. Slice it up and lightly butter for the toasting....

Your kitchen will then be the popular hang out spot, because it will lure every living creature within smelling distance because of these....

bacon, oh bacon, how I love you. we've got different opinions in our house. Crispy crunchy, fatty, a little of both. Make it the way you like it...(I vote a little crispy)

toast these guys under your broiler.....

and you are ready to plate!
spread one side with the basil mayo.....

Add a big scoopful of tomatoes....

 we add avocado slices, because......well, do I even need to say why ;)

top with a couple slices of bacon....

and your lettuce...

No picture of me adding the top slice of bread. As you can see it is stacked pretty high. The next part is the best, but not the prettiest. Add your top slice, smash and devour this yummy goodness.

Seriously, your sanity will be questioned if you don't try this.


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