Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Life......

This spring weather has been FABULOUS (except for the fact that my throat might completely close up from this yellow dust that has attached itself to EVERY THING I OWN including me ; leaving me dead and not enjoying the rest of this season!)!

Spring makes it's mark in many ways, one of which..........new life..........


Meet Camille! Camille made her presence into the world last Friday, March 26, weighing 7lbs 2oz! The girls,cousins, Aunt Na Na and myself headed late Friday for a quick trip to Mobile to lay our lips on those precious cheeks!!

Saturday morning after breakfast we loaded up the crew to meet their new cousin at Providence Hospital..


I had to take a picture so that you would understand that when we arrived we had a lot of questions from the backseat asking us "what kind of hospital is this?", "this looks like something from Star Wars!". And let's not forget that when you walked through the doors you felt like you should be seeing people all dressed in stark white and weird looking eyes as though they were from outer space!

After playing 20 questions about the hospital we soon arrived at the 7th floor and all took turns doing this.......

jillian and camille

emily and camille

camille and bus

they did some of this too.....

watching tv
No need to explain what they are staring at! We have all seen those kind of stares before! Right Darby!

Kids can only take so much of a hospital room visit (let's face it...mom's can only take so much with their kids in a hospital room!), and I got tired of playing the "How Many Times Can Mommy Say 'Don't Touch That' game, when Mimi shared a fabulous little secret about a FABULOUS "Festival of Flowers" event LITERALLY right behind the hospital!!! Could you hear the Hallelujah chorus being sung from room #730 in a weird looking hospital 300 miles south of Dothan oh about 12noon on Saturday...Yeah, that was me!

You might have heard it again around 12:15pm as we walked into this.......

Bed Set

flower show furniture

flower dress2

flower dress1

mini house flower

It was like Heaven on Earth! I know this is FAR from Heaven, because I know it will be more glorious there then what I saw that day, BUT....if my Heavenly Father gives me a choice of a bed in my Heavenly home, I hope I can choose one like the one above!! It was breath taking!!

I can't even tell you how much was enjoyed that day! They even had FREE crafts for the kids...

hat making

hat making2

hat making3

girls hats1

We had a blast! Went back to the home front (aka..Abby's Parent's House, whom by the way are the most wonderful people and you when you stay in their home it is like you are in your own) for a little bit of this...

bus napping

so that we would be well rested for the BIG TALENT SHOW!

talent ticket

talent show h and e1

princess haley1

live music1

The kids did a great job putting on a VERY entertaining show! And even had LIVE music! Thank you Alisa!! It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day!! Have a great day and if you find a good way for pollen not to dampen your day let me know!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Days.....

Did you ever have a pen pal? Perhaps you have one now! My children have pen pals and every day we get home to check the mail they search for a letter from them! Oh how I remember those days! I had pen pals, and couldn't wait to get mail! The longer the letter the better!

Sadly, when you grow up, your mailbox fills with bills, advertisements, census reminders(as of recent), and let's not forget the card with the key glued on the front for that BRAND NEW CAR!

Just as my children get giddy inside as they discover that pink envelope peeking out the top of our mailbox is for them to rip open, I get those same feelings when this shows up at my front door......

Fedex Truck
Days they don't show up are really sad! Today is a happy day, with lots of happy things!
Here's a sneak peak into one of my shipments I received today! Enjoy!
Luigi 001

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Arrivals!!

Just a few of our new arrivals of the week! LOVE. THEM. ALL.
This Turtle Romper has a matching Big Brother Tee!!
Turtle Romper1
Love PAJAMAS! No one can ever go wrong with giving a gift of P.j.'s! I love pajamas for myself and would GLADLY accept them and would be thrilled to receive them as a gift!!
Sara's Print1
Tralala is a FAVORITE for our customers! They have always run a little big so you might need to purchase the smaller size this season (keep that in mind!)!
tralala outfits1
It's back! Every year I order this bubble in blue with white or white with blue! Precious with a monogram and a little peter pan tee under for our cooler nights! And yes, we have it in pink as well!
Auraluz pique' bubble1
And last but not least....this pique' short set from Beehave is perfect for Easter! Add whatever color monogram (I prefer Ecru, and pair with saddle oxford ecru/white shoes!)!
Beehave Pique'1
Stop by and see us! What a beautiful spring day we are having today! Enjoy!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

a sign of fun times......

before I get to the title of my post let me first show you a few more pics of Jillian's "modeling session" from Wednesday!
Jillian Bby Nay1
Both of these dresses have been a FAVORITE and have sold very well! They are also both from one of my all time favorite lines Baby Nay!
Jillian Baby Nay1
Jillian thinks they are perfect beach dresses! I agree! They are easy easy! Just throw it on an head down to the beach!
Speaking of beach! We took an adventure on Friday.......
girls beach1
The day was GLORIOUS!!!! There is nothing like awwwing over God's creation then to sit on the sandy shore and glance at the beautiful sea!
Often when I come home after working a Saturday I find Tim and the girls a mess and sometimes looking like this! I normally respond with "looks like you guys have had a fun time"! This is Elizabeth's Shirt after Friday's digging in the sand, eating chocolate ice cream and rolling down the green 100 times at one of our favorite places to go....
random 0291
I had just finished "shout(ing)" her shirt before tossing it in the washer only to say "Elizabeth, look at your shirt!", to which she replied "Well, looks like we had a fun time!".....and fun we did!
"Coupon Monday" below is on ANYTHING ocean related! Swimsuits, sea creature stuffed animals, sunglasses, beach towels, pirates, crabs, nautical...you get the picture!!! See you soon!!!!
ocean coupon

Friday, March 19, 2010

hip hip....HURRAY!!!

It's Spring Break around this neck of the woods and we are LOVING it!!! The older my girls get, the more they enjoy their break!! Traditionally, I work the first part of the week and take off the rest..so, sticking with tradition I did just that! On Wednesday Jillian decided she had enough of the home front for the week and wanted to change up her atmosphere and join me at the shop for the day! She will be Eleven this year (yes, I know! I have an ELEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!), wow, time flies, and she can't wait to "real" work (meaning more then just cleaning up)at the shop. So I gave her some "real" work that day! She changed the Mannequins, rang customers up on the computer, did a smidge of cleaning and yes, some modeling too!
Jillian Elepantito1
We typically go up to a 6X in the store but occasionally you will find an 8/10. Some companies don't do a 6X and there for if the size run does something like this.... 4,5,6,8... then I will order the larger size, and some companies run large so therefore my order girls that are in an 8/10 can still wear them! Here are just a couple she had fun trying on!
Jillian Kit1
Meanwhile at the home front, the hubby took off work for the week to get some MAJOR "Honey Do's" Done..... remember good ol' ORANGE ......
TA DA......
Truck Window fixed1
Going to enjoy another day off today!!! Be back soon with some more of our adventures!!!
Don't forget to stop by for your Easter needs!!! PRECIOUS boy Easter apparel arrived yesterday!!! See you soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok people.....so WHO FORGOT TO WEAR GREEN TODAY....Yep, ME! I am so going to be bruised from the pinching!!! Here's a special coupon to get you people out in this yucky (not so much a shopping day) day!!! Valid through tomorrow since this thought just came to me 30min ago and posting late!!! Don't forget that the "Coupon Monday" below is still Valid as well!!! Come on out and have a fun shopping day!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring times a comin'......

Spring time is fast approaching! Buds are starting to appear on trees and bushes, and the pollen... oh the pollen! We have already started enjoying this beautiful weather by playing outside and starting the prep work for our garden! We have been wanting to have a garden for awhile now but didn't have a good spot for it in our yard until now! Remember the tree house . Well, when we took the top part of the tree down it created {boo coodles} (not even sure how to spell that phrase!! LOL) of sunshine! Remember Tim and Sally . They can give you lots of ideas and details to grow your garden!! We will be using their help for sure!! Pictures to follow in the next couple of days!!!
Below are just a couple of examples of our boy's separates!! Perfect for the summer time!! Hurry in, because sizes go quickly!!! See you soon!!
boys separates 0021
boys separates 0031

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coupon Monday!!!!

That's right! Example: Buy a $20 and $40 regular priced item and receive 20% Off the $40 item (with this coupon!)!!! Buy a baby/b-day gift save on an outfit for you, or buy a shirt and then save on your short!! You get the idea!!! See you soon!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Carpool this morning:
Child #1-When's Easter?
Me- Very soon...
Child #2- I like Halloween!
Child #1- You know Easter is better though?!
Me- Do you know why?
Child #1- Because God rose from the dead
Me- You mean Jesus
Child #2- Jesus is God
Child #1- That's right...God has 3 sons
Me- You mean...3 persons...
Child #1- Yes, 3 Persons
Me- God the Father...
Child# 1- God the Son and God
Child #2- the Holy Spirit!
Me- That's right! God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins, so that we can live with His Spirit in us and one day go spend eternal life in Heaven with Him.
Child #1- I know!
Child#2- me too!
Child #2- I still like the candy on Halloween better though!
Below are just a few of our Easter apparel selection! We have beautiful items to choose from, and as you choose your special attire, we all need a reminder that it is not the clothing that is important about that day (so don't stress!), but of the CELEBRATION that day brings! May we all walk in the celebration daily as we remember the sacrifice that was made for us on The Cross!
Thank you God!!
Infant Boy Easter1
Girl VK1
Girl VK Easter1
Boy Seer Suit Easter1
Girls Mela Easter1
Boy Easter1
Boy FT Easter1
Linen Easter Boy1
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