Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Recap.......

a couple weeks ago, I had a thought; one of my most precious friends and favorite people in life, is about to take off for a new adventure Down Under as she and her family take permanent residence in Australia. I blogged back in January about our visit with them then, you can read that here.

Her time in the states are coming to a close and I really thought it necessary for us to take some time, just the two of us, for a girl's weekend. Atlanta was the perfect place, as it provides almost a half way travel point for us both.

Natalie, is next in line to my Hubs as truly knowing me. I can go to her with anything and she will know my heart in the matter. She has a gift of friendship. She is by far the pursuer in our relationship, in which, I would think about calling her, she would call, I would think about sending an encouraging card, she sends the card, I would think about visiting her, she would visit. That's how we roll. We are total opposites, but yet, totally alike......

I would pack numerous pairs of shoes (another red flat pair was in the car) and she would think I was crazy. She would pack two pairs and I would think the same about her....

 I would introduce her to places like Anthropologie, and she would show me that it's ok to rock a frock from Walmart....

I would still argue that I take delight in even the packaging from such a place...... Walmart you've got nothing on this one.

Enjoying a cup of joe and conversing with one another in our beloved pajama addiction is by far, our most favorite thing to do together; so it only seemed most fitting to mark our weekend with these, oh so fun, initial mugs so our memory of each other will greet us every morning as we are separated by thousands of miles between us ...

We would also make it a point, that we would hold each other to doing things on this trip that otherwise are extremely difficult to accomplish in the everyday with children under our feet, like....

1.) cleaning out our purses
2.) painting our fingernails
3.) plucking our eyebrows

I am happy to say, I succeeded with all three and might have even plucked a couple of hairs from my face that were nowhere near my eyes.....maybe ;)

4 of us
(pic from January 2012)

 I really hope you have a Natalie in your life; a friend that will challenge you, cherish you, pray for you, weep with you, rebuke you, serve you, honor you and love you.

She is the Sister I never had, and I hers. I hope that through even our friendship, my girls see how special it is to be sisters. I absolutely adore my brothers, but know that there has to be a bond like no other with a sister. All you have to do is walk down a card aisle at Hallmark and know that even the world knows there is something special and cherishing about that relationship.

The girls are on Spring Break this week and I am planning lots of sister time for them. They seemed to have started already as they gather wisteria and pine for our yard and wrapping them in cheese cloth for sachet's as we speak.....I love their little minds.

I'm off to enjoy this beautiful spring day, hope you do too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, the places we go.....

The Yard Sale and Spring Farm Day was a huge success!After leaving Landmark Park, we were able to march right down and lay cash on the counter for our brand new spankin' computer, which I think drove the cashier insane ;)

I didn't get to take any pictures of the Event at the Park Saturday; but Elizabeth and I took a Field Trip out there today, and I provided her with a list of nature items to find. We left with all but one....the shedded skin of a snake.....I am really ok with that though ;)

I will leave you with many some photos of our outing today! We spent over two hours walking and exploring, and enjoyed every minute. Hopefully these pictures will make you want to run on out and purchase a membership.  Stop by and enjoy the beauty of God's creation, we had a fabulous time.....Enjoy!

now.......wasn't that fun???
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