Monday, February 28, 2011

Coupon Monday and the Give-Away!!

For those of you who might have missed the memo on the Give-Away, then see my last post! Hurry, ends soon!

Then, for those of you who are itching to purchase one of these........

blabla 005

Save 20% Off!

Happy Monday y'all! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Give- Away!!

Sometimes when shopping with my little ones, we will come across an item that might not be "tagged" with a price on it. Of course we joke....."it must be free!".....

blabla 006

I remind them....."nothing is ever free!"

blabla 004

So instead of stating that I am about to give one of you something FREE, I will simply imply that I am about to give one of you something in a Give-Away!

blabla 005

Here are the rules.......

 to enter you must simply do one of the following for one entry. You may choose to do all up to 7 for multiple entries.

1.) post something about bellamia on your blog
2.) Send me a Friend Request on Facebook (must be a new friend, not existing)
3.) post something about bellamia on your Facebook wall
4.) Link bellamia on your Facebook wall
5.) Link bellamia on your blog post
6.)Post bellamia on your blog reads
7.) Subscribe to my blog (must be first time subscriber, not existing!)

blabla 003

After doing any or all of the above list, simply leave me a comment on this Post stating how you entered, AND your email address so I will know how to contact you if you win!

Example of two (2) entries-


I have linked you from my blog , and posted your link on my Facebook wall. - Katie Pilcher(name optional)

All entries will go in for a drawing.

And your prize you may ask is..............

blabla 002

As if you couldn't have guessed it already!

blabla 001

One of our adorable Bla Bla dolls*!!

**excludes: Giant Dolls Only**

Entries end Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drawing to be held March 3, 2011! Winner will be notified no later then March 4, 2011.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Blog Readers!!

So, I know when I view my stats that either a LOT of people read over here in bellamia world, OR a view of you read and click on my blog MULTIPLE times a day! I would like to think the first, but if it happens to be the latter, then you really have no excuse for "missing" the Art Contest post!

Because of the lack none entered  of participation so far on the "On the Farm" Art Contest, I will be extending the submission date only ONE MORE WEEK! PLEASE, consider entering!

We had a lot of fun with the one we did last spring and hope to have many more participate in this one!

Soooooooooo, put on your list for your next Wal-Mart run to grab a 1/2 sheet poster board, (unless you have a 2nd grader or above and have a stock of them hiding under your sofa for the many projects you use them for in school!) and put your kiddos to work! The prize for the winner of each category is a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP TO LANDMARK PARK!!!!

And if you just can't participate (which one would wonder why!), please consider linking this info on your blog or facebook, this would be greatly appreciated! Landmark Park is a fabulous place for a family outing and I would love to support them and provide you the opportunity to experience the greatness of the park!

In case you have forgotten.........

Here are the rules again!!

Theme: On the Farm (use your imagination!)
Size: 1/2 sheet poster board
Material: Anything you want- Markers,crayons,paint,watercolor,tissue paper...whatever!
Contest Begins: Today!
Artwork Turn in By: End of business on Monday, February 28, 2011   March 7, 2011
Artwork judged on: March 2, 2011 (by a qualified local Art teacher)
**MUST be original art by your child/children/grandchildren**
Artwork will be displayed in the store until March 18, 2011
Categories- Must provide gender,age,birth date and name on the back of artwork to enter.
Girl/Boy ages 2-3
Girl/Boy ages 4-5
Girl/Boy ages 6-8

One winner for each category. One entry per person. Winners will receive {and here is the REALLY fun part] a Family Membership to Dothan's very own fabulous Landmark Park!!  If you already have membership to the park, this can be a renewal for the 2012 year or simply make a someone really smile by giving your winnings to a family of your choice! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


That is what I have been thinking all morning as I try to muster up a post!

I missed my cup of coffee this morning, and I am FEELING it! Just thought I would get that out of the way, so now I have a good excuse if this post doesn't flow well, is filled with grammatical errors, or just plain doesn't make sense.

Here we go!

We were blessed (or spoiled as someone told me at the gym this morning) with a winter break from school. It started with the kids getting out of school half a day on Thursday and not going back until today! :) It was bliss!

Daddy came home Thursday night, perfect timing to enjoy the beautiful weekend we had!

The weekend was a park playing, bike riding, roller blading, party going, beach laying, softball playing  kind of weekend!

On Saturday, Jillian attended a birthday party. She not only attended but participated in this........

beach-more spring and weekend 050

beach-more spring and weekend 058

Is this not the coolest party!!! If I would have known, I might have stayed for it myself!

The girls designed, created and presented (in four groups) their cake to the "judges" aka the mom's and dad's.

beach-more spring and weekend 052

beach-more spring and weekend 051

All the while, this was playing for a little inspiration in the back ground.....

beach-more spring and weekend 059

GENIUS! I LOVE THIS IDEA!  Take it yourself and run with it! Send me pictures of this adventure if you decided to take it, and the finished product of course!

After Church on Sunday, we loaded up and headed south for the rest of the afternoon.......

beach-more spring and weekend 082

beach-more spring and weekend 091

beach-more spring and weekend 097

beach-more spring and weekend 093

beach-more spring and weekend 088

Can I just remind all you locals, how incredibly BLESSED we are to have the Ocean so close. It makes those spur of the moment, day trips so easy to make when it is just so close!

Monday, while I was out still playing and not working, these precious little gems were delivered to us....

beach-more spring and weekend 111

beach-more spring and weekend 112

beach-more spring and weekend 119

beach-more spring and weekend 113

beach-more spring and weekend 118

beach-more spring and weekend 120

Ohhhh, but let me not leave off these little guys which arrived later last week......

beach-more spring and weekend 117

beach-more spring and weekend 116

beach-more spring and weekend 115

(matching brother as well!)

beach-more spring and weekend 114

Hmmmmmmm, what will UPS or FedEx bring to me today?????

See you soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coupon Monday!

Hurry In! Spring has EXPLODED in Bellamia! Precious things for your little one! See you soon! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting my groove on......

I Love Love Love Valentine's Day. It is so easy for a mother of three girls to get into the red and pink mode! This year though, it was a challenge. I have been flying solo for going on week three, but daddy will soon be arriving home and that fills our heart with song!

Saturday, I knew it was about time to get my groove on...

So that garland we made last year, well it went up Saturday morning. And these pom poms from the shop, were hung Saturday night... and these cupcakes to share (Elizabeth was taking them to the neighbors when she came back in the house and stated that we needed to add a smile since it looked like eyes and a face) on Sunday.....

Valentine 002

Valentine 003

Valentine 004

And when we went to CVS for some Tums(Sunday- probably from the cupcakes!) purchased my girls Valentines. Creative?? I think so... I even selected a cash back option from my debit purchase to add to their V-cards.... Desperate?? You gotta do what you gotta do :)

I am very blessed to have my girls wake up super early this morning to present me with Valentines from them and their Daddy.....

I told A little birdie told my Valentine that he could always get me something from here.....and I  that birdie actually sent a few pictures.....

I knew I would get was surprised with....

Valentine 007

I will proudly wear this "Love" one today :)

So get your groove on! Spring is approaching and these have arrived over the last week.....

elephantito 001

elephantito 002

elephantito 003

elephantito 005

elephantito 006

new spring 006

elephantito 007

elephantito 008

elephantito 009

new spring 001

new spring 007

new spring 008

new spring 013

new spring 017

Victoria Kids 001

Victoria Kids 003

Victoria Kids 004

 And many more! See you soon!

and don't forget about the "Coupon Monday" below!
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