Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday! Posted Late......sorry!

This week's New Arrival is from our Sweet Potatoes Line. This just arrived and is SUPER cute!!!!! I raised the dress so you could see the adorable candy cane tights! Also, the pant set has the cute patch on the sleeve and reindeer pockets! And how cute is that reindeer footie (the under feet part is candy cane striped!!)! Stop in soon for your size!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

This week's gift idea features our "to go" baskets!! Pick up one already "to go" for $25 or create one of your own!!! These are so much fun and practical too!! Think Christmas gift list...........
P.S. don't's the last day for our P.j. sale!! Hurry in!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pajama SALE!! AND tomorrow is our Pajama SALE !!!! Save 25% OFF your entire purchase of pajamas!!

Coupon Monday!

This week's coupon is on our burps and bibs! We have cloth to laminate bibs and single to sets on burps! Come in and let us help you pick out the perfect one! Enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Tidbits AND Fabulous Friday!!!

Next Monday and Tuesday October 27th and 28th is our annual Pajama SALE!!!! Come in and save 25% off your entire purchase of pj's!!! Sale includes- all Skivvydoodles, Petit Bateau pj and lounge wear, Bella Bliss Lounge wear, Elephantito Lounge wear, Hatley Pj's, and Kissy Kissy Footies only! Hurry in for your size and enjoy the savings!!!!

This week's fabulous Friday item is on our wonderful line of books!!! Mention this Blog to receive 20% off (1) one book of your choice. Offer expires next Friday!

Pair a pair of Pajamas with a book for great savings and gift idea!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

This week's new arrival features our Maggie in the Middle line. Just arrived yesterday....... these are the cutest!! Enjoy! Hurry in for your size these go super fast!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!! What little boy doesn't play cowboy and Indians!! This is so much fun! I love the Cowboy dress up, sheriff badge, hand cuffs, and archery set.......all from Schylling. Hey.....this could be a super cute costume for Halloween!!! See you soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where have I been??????

Well, you were probably thinking will she post something TODAY! Finally! I have been on "holiday"! Fall break was among us and tossing some responsibilities to the side were too tempting........and I gave in! From Thursday-Sunday was filled with a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of cleaning! I turned off my phone, my computer AND my kitchen! This weekend I must say has been FABULOUS! The weather makes me want to lay a blanket out on the green and dose off into dreamland!! Thank you LORD for your beautiful creation! I will post about Market soon, but in the mean time, you guys missed a "New Arrival", "Thursday Tidbits" AND a "Fabulous Friday"!! So, my apologies..... since my camera decides it needs to visit the doctor, I will just tell you a few things that are FABULOUS and NEW! We have had a new shipment of Fabulous Toys and Accessories like wooden toys, an adorable golf bag/clubs for your little one, an ironing board and iron combo along with New Christmas and many more! Kissy Kissy Holiday arrived this week as well. You will need to stop by- new fun toys and apparel arriving daily! This week's Fabulous Friday and Coupon Monday is on us! Since I left you hanging for a few days, mention this blog to receive 20% OFF (1) one item of your choice from Bellamia! (excludes special orders) expires next Monday! See you soon!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

This week's gift idea is from our Giddy Giddy line! This is the cutest clip/bow holder I've ever seen!!!!! Available in the hot air balloon and a cuckoo clock. Pair this clip holder with one of our FABULOUS giddy giddy hair clips!! Stop in or call ahead for our wrap and ready service!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Coupon Monday!

This week's coupon is on our Fabulous Kissy Kissy Line! Kissy Kissy is a layette line of wonderful pima cotton with sweet prints and embroidery!! This will become your favorite (if it's not already!)!! Mention this blog to receive 20% Off any one (1) Kissy Kissy item of your choice! See you soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Surprise Saturday!

Hey Everyone! It's Surprise Saturday tomorrow 10/10/08!! That means that you mention this blog to receive 20% Off (1) one item of your choice (it excludes sale items and special orders)!!! Stop by and see us in our new location 560 Westgate Pkwy Ste 3 also remember our new store hours are M-F 9-5:30 and S 10-5. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Market! What do you think Market is like???? Some of you may have been there before, but for those who haven't ,I will let you inside of my mind to show you what Market is to me! To the right is a picture of Building 3. This is the apparel building, yes that's right apparel only. Building 4 is being built as we speak for apparel also. Building 1 and 2 are just for merchandise and gifts! Trust me, Building 3 is just as ugly on the inside as out. Fourteen stories of no windows, no color, just bla bla bla bla. But hidden inside of this concrete block are fun jewels. Sometimes you have to take a chisel, but it is worth it! I am off to Market today for my second round of shopping for spring!!! Yes, I will post pics when I return if my camera cooperates. Yes, I do love my job! BUT when people hear that I on my way to market the first thing they say is "Oh, FUN!!! I bet you have so much fun!! I would love to go!". Yes, you would like to go, and anytime you have the opportunity you should. You would have fun! But Market is a lot of work and in fact is one key parts to this business!! You have your sales have the ones who want to see your business to do well and help you pick out your selection and then you have the ones who just want to sell, sell, sell, they don't care who you are or what you buy, as long as it is A LOT!!! You have showrooms that look like the cutest children's shop you have ever seen to the ones that look like an un-organized walk in closet (that's when I take out my chisel!). You have your Appointments and then you have the Free time to go hunt for the new jewels! All to say it truly is a lot of work, but I love to come home and put the next season together in my head and then into the store! Can't wait to show you my finds!!!! Be looking for future posts on my trip! Have a great weekend! And check Friday's blog for a surprise!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

This week's new arrivals are TOO CUTE!!! I love these two pieces so much! I used them in a photo shoot this morning for a new magazine coming to the Wiregrass area, so be looking in November for the new Wiregrass Parenting Magazine! These featured pieces are both from Florence Eiseman and are just precious on. The boy's pant have small embroidered dogs on them, and under the girls precious sweater is an adorable pin tucked bell top! You will have to come in soon for these pieces, they are a favorite! See you soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

SO CUTE!!!!! I love firetrucks for little boys! Pair a puzzle and a ball, an outfit with a toy, or the firetruck ride on for it's own!!! These are so much fun!!Outfits are by Sweet Potatoes Inc. and Funtasia Too!, both are priced fantastic! Hurry in for your size and quantity, items moving quickly!! See you soon!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Coupon Monday!

This week's coupon is on our Mimi Michelle Car seat Covers. These car seat covers are WONDERFUL!!! They are so soft, your baby will love them. They are easy to install and remove for washing. Stop by and check them out! They look fabulous monogrammed as well!! See you soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

This week's "Fabulous Friday" is our plush back packs!! Every kid that walks through Bellamia loves our plush back packs! It is the perfect size and the animal on the front comes out so you can play with it!! This is such a fun item and a must have for your Christmas list! Mention this "Fabulous Friday" item to receive 20% (1) one of your choice! See you soon!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday Tidbits! on Friday........oops!

Well, I was really busy yesterday and so I didn't have a chance to post "Thursday Tidbits" , so I will post it now! Pictured are just a few of the fun new toys that will be arriving for the holiday season! Listed above is the coolest wooden toy crane for that special little boy! I LOVE IT! HOW MUCH FUN!
Then we have our oh so famous canopy doll bed from Rosalina! This bed fit's an American Doll as well, and is so precious for your child or grandchild of all ages!
Love the firetruck! This ride on toy has been a favorite in my store for 4 years! Fits up to 80 lbs!
This GIANT bla bla doll is over 3 ft tall and would be SO much fun sitting on your bed or lay on it as you watch a movie or play a tea party!! SO CUTE!!!!!!
The Plasma car! The Plasma car will hold up to Adults and comes in an assortment of colors. Go to plasmacar
too watch a demo, or wait a few weeks for them to arrive here, and we will show you in person! Get one for each of the grandchildren!!! Accepting pre-paids on the plasma car to insure you car!

These are just a FEW new toys that are arriving!! Holiday items will be arriving starting next week through Christmas!

New Arrivals Wednesday!

This week's "New Arrival" features a couple of pieces from Monday's Child which is made by Vive la Fe'te. This Green is so PRETTY! I love it and it SCREAMS fall!! The dress has very small pink flowers hand embroidered across the top of the yoke and the boy longall has a blue train applique' with blue stitching across the bodice. These are perfect brother/sister pieces! Stop in for your size soon, because they have already been a BIG hit!!!

P.S. New store hours M-F 9-5:30 and S 10-5
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