Thursday, January 31, 2013

good morning peeps...

Tim's been here teaching this week. Too bad he's worked so hard he hasn't stepped foot on the white sands.

We, are a different story.......

Photo by kcpilcher

Photo by kcpilcher

we're packing it up and headed home in a few, and praying that when we return, that THIS situation is resolved and there is much safety for precious Ethan. Praying that Ethan is returned safely to his parents, and that the Lord erase the terror this sweet child endured over this event. My prayer is that he would become closer to our Lord Jesus through this and that Satan stay far away from feeding him fear, doubts and lies over this horrible situation and protect him from them over his entire life. You Lord, are the redeemer. You can redeem any situation and we look to you for redemption in this. We know God, that you love your children. We thank you for loving us so much you sacrificed your own son, so we may live in that great love you have for us, for eternity. Father, surround us all with your peace. We ask you in your precious Son's name. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I love...

Twig heart!
*photo from Pinterest

with Valentine's Day around the corner, and the word LOVE showcased in every retail store you walk into promoting this Pink occasion; I started to stop and think about a few things I love. So here they are.... in no particular order.... because I will type them as they come to me.

I LOVE.........

my Savior....well, because of so many reasons, but to start, how about the fact He DIED FOR ME.
the hubs...he so gets me. like, really gets me. good and bad. he loves me oh so well, and i love to love him.
my pillow.....i can cuddle it and it doesn't leave lines all over my face.
my "p" coffee cup... it reminds me of a fabulous weekend with a fabulous friend.and i love anything Anthropologie.
my blue back door.. it makes me smile, because it is unexpected.
my dryer....because it will dry clothes 50% of the time. (I'm trying hard to really love it. I thought typing it would help.)
my's so fun.
pasta...... oh, i just love it!!!
my nail polish collection....because I get to see it on my three children all the time.
my three drama queens....because they tell us every night their favorite part of their day is piled up in our bed talking, and that reminds me of how thankful I am to get to mama them.
my car....because it is paid for and can haul a crew!
my little stone patio.....because it is a corner Tim and I escape to so often to chat.
designing........ it deepens my love and thought of others, and makes them smile, which makes me smile.
my purse...because it can hold anything & everything ,slings over my shoulder, & I don't loose my keys in it.
my is truly a safe haven.
naps.... even if it's for 5 mins.
my dryer..........................................................(yeah, I'm still trying)
my kitchen......because relationships have blossomed in there.
attention to details...... because I can experience God through them.
my kitchen aid mixer.....because my life is easier with her.
crossfit......because i'm surrounded by people who encourage and want to see you succeed.
my chalkboard back splash..... it reminds me to be expressive
my neighbors......they are precious to us and bring us warm "out of the oven" pound cake.
pound cake....yes, yes, oh, I looooooooove pound cake!
magazines.....I could buy every one at the check out lane. My favorite is Country Living.
cooking...... totally passionate. I get to experiment and be creative all at once. I'm such a foodie.
my pink bible.... because I love the notes I've written in it, and it makes me chuckle that the person that gave it to me 20+ years ago put my middle name as my first name, and misspelled it as well.
entertaining....... because I love a party, and investing in people is for the now, and not for the putting off.
my right ring finger....because it's naked from a very special ring I wore 15 years with out taking off. without it, the last two years have been a constant remembrance of my grandmother. before it went missing it was an ornament I always wore. I love the thought of her. I love that the nakedness drives me to caring memories of her. she loved well.
fabric....okay, it might be more then could be an obsession.
level 99 jeans......because I could literally not have to try them on, I know I'll like them. good stuff.
blogging..... because it puts things from my head and heart on paper. it allows me to record and experience again God's goodness, and faithfulness.
 and last but not least..... my dryer.... because it could be worse and not dry our clothes at all.

What do you love?????

Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Life has been it's usual full self. I'm working on a project for some really cool peeps. And I'm finding all these pics pretty inspiring.....

fun times are ahead :)

See ya around here soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

do you do dill?

you are going to love me for this. Really, you are......

I wasn't planning on blogging this recipe, so I didn't do any of the "how to" pics. In fact, when I tasted it, I immediately ran to grab a paper and pen to jot down what I did so that I would NEVER forget. It is...... there are no words...... so so good!

I had some Fresh Dill in the fridge for something I don't even remember. I didn't use it right when I bought it (probably because I forgot what for), and thought to myself, that I didn't want it to go to waste so I better think fast on what to do with it.

because, let's be honest..... how many of us cook with fresh Dill.....and how often during the winter months?? So before you hang up on this post because you are already intimidated by this fresh ingredient, that you quite frankly aren't sure you even really like; let me encourage you to try this recipe. AND purchasing that $1.99 pack of herbs will not go to waste if you try this recipe as well.
Here is what you will need:
the breasts from a rotisserie chicken (chopped/cubed/shredded/whatever)
3 celery stalks and their yummy leaves on top (lots of flavor so don't trash 'em)
1/2 of a granny smith apple chopped
Place in a med/large size mixing bowl.
4 tbls of sugar
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1 heaping tbls Dijon mustard
1/3 cup of mayo
juice from 1/2 of a lime
2-3 tbls spoons of fresh dill chopped (I just had a big handful so guessing this much)
Put all in a mason jar, slap a lid on and shake until combined.
Pour over salad, toss, and refrigerate until serving.
I served it on a really toasted, crunchy slice of bread open face.


Be back soon.......


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Things

Happy Hump Day to you beautiful people! I had to literally check my days over the last few weeks. We've been living on Saturday for awhile now...or at least it feels that way.

 Today we said goodbye to our lovely Christmas holiday. Although if you were to see my house right now, you'd might guess that I am having a hard time parting with this season.

 Our tree is still dead up, decorated along with our mantels, and a few others scattered around the house. My family comes in this weekend for our Christmas celebration and I am having a battle with myself on putting it all away of leaving it up????

We have enjoyed many, and I mean many of the lazy of days. We have watched boo coodles of movies, cooked, shopped and played very hard over our break. Today I am trying to find my laundry room.....I should just follow my nose. My child informed me this morning when I told her to go put on her clothes, that she didn't have any clean....working on that today.

Well, I assume you all took some time over the last week to reflect on 2012 and then added some "want to's" to 2013. I have to say, that I had ONE thing, just ONE that I wanted to accomplish in 2012, and did not, when I complete it in 2013 ;) I will let you know.

But when looking back on 2012, again, Tim and I stand amazed at where the Lord has taken us. Things we've done, relationships built, trials we've gone through, decisions we made, how our family has evolved; all with God's complete provisions, love and faithfulness ever present. Even if it didn't always feel like it at the time.

January 1, 2013 already added a few changes into our family, one of which was signing the release to our Highland's Antique' Mall booth.

I have been praying for direction on it since closing Bellamia in 2011. I asked the Lord constantly on a direction to go. I wanted BIG things for that small space, but was feeling like I had no direction. I've never really been a very patient person, and I dare not ask for patience ;) I actually went to market again in October, had a great time, had some inspiration, bought some new inventory; but was still missing "it".

I hate doing things less then 100%. When I thought about the fact that I had gone up to our booth maybe three times since October, I knew I just didn't have the time set aside for this. So many more things that I felt like I was to be doing was taking priority.

 So I waited.... and believe it or not, I was in a store shopping this Christmas, and "it" happened. I totally felt the Lord tell me to close it down.....yippee, direction!

btw, the staff and Highland's Antique' Mall are GREAT to work with. (And this above picture is not one of the staff members, just my hubs, sporting a beard cap we bought him for Christmas. He would like a beard like this for real. I told him he could sport one just like that...... once I'm dead) hence the purchase :)

 I hope to one day be able to join the Highland's Antique' Mall family again, but now is just not my season. So with that....Everything in the booth is 50% off! So hop on over and grab you some goodies :)

We also feel like the Lord is calling us to do something BIG in 2013, so we're praying and walking in that direction and we'll see what He says and does. You'll have to wait longer then January 2, 2013 for that news.

And whenever I decide to take down our Christmas decorations, and sweep up the mounds of dust bunnies and pine needles, I think I'll finally give y'all the tour of our kitchen re-do.

Hope you all have wonderful week! Praying 2013 will be a year that BIG things happen for you all. Seek big things, pray big things, hope big things, do big things and expect big things, because after all...... our time on this earth is short, and we have all of eternity to rest!

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