Sunday, October 16, 2011


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Tomorrow just might be our last day opened. We will see how it goes. I have been truly in awe of God's goodness and every one's love and support to us, especially last week. We have sold almost the entire store. There are still some very precious things in the store to be sold.

Starting tomorrow Everything in the store is 50% Off! And I can imagine at that percentage and the fabulous items that are still available it will sell out; but there is always a possibility for Tuesday, and if so, I will post and keep you updated on that. Merchandise will not be marked any lower, so if you would like some of these items then hurry in! Our hours tomorrow will be regular business hours- 9am-5:30pm.

I will be taking a break to clean up the shop and rest then you will see me again here. Thank you all again for your encouragement, love, friendship and support! It has been an honor and complete blessing to serve you all these years. See you tomorrow......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purpose...the close of a season.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me.”- Erma Bombeck

We just started a new series in church on the Purpose of our Life. If you are like every other person, you have thought this thought in some way or another. It might have been differently worded. It might have been in different stages of your life, but you have thought, and if you are a Christian then you have asked God....."what is my purpose?". I asked God that question about 10 years ago when I struggled with the everyday. The wake up, make breakfast, make bed, brush your teeth, go to the grocery store, clean your house, prepare for dinner, etc, etc. I struggled, not because babies didn't "fill" my time, and I didn't have a million things to do, but I struggled because, did my million things matter? I found myself asking...Do I use my time wisely? Do I live each day to the fullest? Do I get out and stretch myself in areas that intimidate me? Do I love and serve well? Do I challenge my faith? Do I live as though Christ lives in me? Do I live for the Kingdom?


God showed me that He was my purpose. I was to live for Him in every stage and season of my life. Seasons would change, but my purpose would not. 


Everyone reading this can look back at the last 10 years of their life and something has changed. You got married, maybe divorced. Had children, or maybe grandchildren. You may have even lost a child/children. Gained an in-law, lost a Parent. Discovered Cancer, beaten Cancer. Graduated High School, Graduated College. Started a Family, Started a Career.  Started a new job, or even two jobs. Nursed your infant, nursed your dying parent. 

With every one of these, there was Joy and Sorrow and still yet, we asked the question "what do I do?","why am I going through this?", "what is my purpose?".

But unlike all these seasons, your purpose never changed.

Emily Flight

I have a purpose, and it is through joy and sorrow that I share with you that my purpose remains the same that God showed me 10 years ago, but I have a season that is changing.


I have a heart for Community which is one of the main reasons for opening Bellamia. God has challenged my faith, stretched me in areas that intimidate, humbled me with His grace and mercy, strengthened my marriage, grew our family, taught me to be more organized, how to use my time more wisely, how to get creative and most of all, how to wake up each day and live for Him for I am incredibly dependent on Him alone.

sunset 3

A few months ago, I asked the Lord if it was time to close the doors of Bellamia. There have been great challenges, oh yes, and the economy has been very unpredictable. Yet, I knew that if the Lord wanted me to stay in the business and hang tight for what everyone was saying about 2012 being the turn around year, then He would sustain us and give me peace. But I did not have peace, and felt the calling to close it's doors. God has been so very gentle in His timing and shown once again His faithfulness to us. Of course this decision didn't come without many tears shed over the loss of something so big in our lives, but the peace and joy I have for whatever the Lord has in store for me is what I stand on. He is faithful. He always has been to me and He always will be.


girls fall festival1

I look back on my New Years post earlier this year and already see God's gentleness in preparing me for what He would show me a few months later.

Lizzy am

I can not tell you the exact date of closing for that will depend on the sales of inventory and fixtures. We do plan on keeping the Highland's Antique Mall booth until I am lead other wise.

I can not thank the Lord enough for all of you. I have enjoyed every bit of watching your children grow. All the conversations we've had. All the excitement we've shared. All the trials we have grieved. All the support we have given to each other. I wish I could thank each of you individually and probably won't be able to wear  any mascara over the next few weeks for the tears that will well up as you enter and exit the doors of Bellamia for the last time.

I will continue to keep my blog and I do have some creative things lined up for it. Please keep our family in your prayers if you think of us as we close a season in our life and start another.

You all have been such a blessing to us and I hope that you have enjoyed Bellamia to it's fullest.

Starting tomorrow, sales will be 30%-50% Off on All apparel and 50% Off All gifts and accessories.

May you find great purpose in your life, be stretched in your faith, challenged in what you find intimidating, encouraged in your understanding, peace in your decisions and blessed by your faithfulness.

For I am forever grateful to live community.....

To God be the Glory!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shop 'til ya drop!! SALE!

This is Big y'all!! Buy one regular priced item, get one 1/2 Off! Or buy Two regular priced items and get TWO 1/2 OFF! Or buy Three regular priced items and get THREE 1/2 OFF....etc (you get the idea)! See                            you soon!!!! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

what happens?

What happens when little girls stop playing dress up?

What happens when little girls stop playing with dolls?

softball, spring break and crafts 250

What happens when little girls stop climbing trees?

or skating and riding their bikes?

What happens when little girls grow up to be big girls?

What happens?

Last weekend Jillian wanted a friend over, but her question.......

What are we going to do????

WHAT, REALLY??? All of a sudden it was if God immediately spoke to me and said "phase 2....get creative"

Are we a society of T.V. Watching, Video Game Playing, Movie Seeking, Mall Dropping and Lazy Lounging entertainment for our kids?

What DO you do with pre-teens?

I wholeheartedly believe that these little girls growing up battle between Dress Up (adolescences) and Hanging Out (adulthood) more than we think. A few years ago, my girls were at "The Pool" and asked a local peer if she wanted to play "Mermaids". The Peer responded "Mermaids??? No, Mermaids are for babies!!."

And although my girls still enjoy the things stated above, they are quickly learning, the interest among their peers is sparse.....

And you know what else I believe. I believe that we were all created in the image of our God; and because we have a very creative God that has created everything we see and haven't seen, means that somewhere in us, we have some creativity.

Now I know what you are thinking; easier for you to say.

I realize that there are gifts and levels to this side, but because we had a lot of creative details in putting us together, I believe that sometimes we just don't explore ways to bring it out.

So when Jillian made that statement to us, I realized that I had to explore ways to be creative with pre-teens.

I know that some women don't like to cook and therefore think they CAN'T cook. I also, know that women try to cook and still it doesn't always come out the way they want it to. Don't give up. Sometimes cooking comes naturally and sometimes you have to practice it. Oh, how many times my biscuits turned out like rocks from over kneading, my grits lumpy from lack of whisking and temp too high, or my meat dry from over cooking and my chicken wirery from feeling as though we might get salmonella if I didn't "re-kill it".


So, because I also believe that God gave women the natural desire to "home-make", I would encourage that in my pre-teens as they explore their creativity in the Kitchen.

The Kitchen seems to always be the place everyone gathers. Food is comforting, relationships get real around the table. So, we decided that this "phase 2" would include cooking with our pre-teen friends.

We will start with the basics and simplicity. They can then gather around and chit chat over the fruits of their labor. Try this recipe below. When I say easy, I mean, it is EASY!


This is all you will need......

Empty the box mix and canned pumpkin in a mixing bowl....

Pre-heat oven set for 350......

Mix the two contents (just the cake mix and pumpkin!)

Spray your muffin pans... (i only have a regular 12 count and two 6 count jumbo pans)...

Spoon about 1-2 tablespoon of batter in the muffin pans and spray your child's fingers with cooking spray and have them pat the batter as flat as they can in the bottom of the pan......

Bake 10mins for Regular Size and 12 minutes for Jumbo size. Let them cool.....

Spread Marshmallow Creme when cooled... (NOTE- this is the very first time I bought or made anything with marshmallow creme- I know sad. Anyway, this was entirely too much! we learned quickly it expands! only add about 1/2-1tsp.) on one half and then top with the other.....

  and DIG IN!

Note- this filled TWO 12 count regular sizes muffin pans and TWO 6 count jumbo muffin pans for a total of 18 Sandwiches! Refrigerate when not serving....Perfect for the Fall :)

Explore your creativity and share with us! Leave a comment with a link to something you have done creative or found creative on the Web! Hope to hear from you :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coupon Monday!! This is HUGE!

Come shop with us! This is valid on all Christmas Apparel as well!! See y'all soon!!
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