Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

This week's "Tuesday Gift Idea" is our oh, so fun, Bellamia "To Go" baskets!! Pictured is a holiday basket, to get you started thinking ahead! We make fun birthday and sweet baby "to go's" also! Pick your pre-filled basket up today for your special event, or create your own! Large pre-filled baskets are $35.00 and small pre-filled baskets are $25.00. See you soon!
P.S. Remember....... our new store hours for your convenience are M-F 9-5:30 and S 10-5

Monday, September 29, 2008

Coupon Monday!

This week's coupon is on our WONDERFUL Little Giraffe! Little Giraffe is a fabulous gift line we carry in our store. If you have never picked up and felt anything from Little Giraffe you are surely missing out!! Stop by and pick up a piece for your little one, or for a gift, and don't forget to ask about our adult size throws we can special order for your Christmas gift list! See you soon!

Fabulous Friday! Expiration Date

Forgot to mention that the "Fabulous Friday" offer DOES expire! Expires this Friday Oct. 3rd! Come in and enjoy the savings this week on our "Fabulous Friday" items!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

This week's "Fabulous Friday" item is on Bellamia!! We think Bellamia is Fabulous! Listed below are lines that we carry that make our selection fabulous for you. SOOOOOOOO.............. you pick! Mention this blog to receive 20% OFF one (1) "Fabulous Friday" item of your choice from the lines below!!! ENJOY!


Anavini Baby, Auraluz, Baby Nay, Bella Bliss, Big Citizens, Caramelo, Catamini, Collection Bebe', Cotton White, Cotton Blu, Empress Arts, Elephantito, Emile' et Rose, Flip, Florence Eiseman, Funtasia Too!, Hatley, Icky Baby, Lola et Moi, Luigi, Kissy Kissy, Maggie in the Middle, Marimekko, Mary James, Matilda and Co., Mela Wilson, Monday's Child, Mustard Seeds, New Potates, Piccino Piccina, Pixie Lily, One Kid, Pears and Bears, Petit Bateau, Pink Tangerine, Room Seven, Silly Goose, Skivvydoodles, Spudz, Sweet Potatoes, Teddy Tots, T.F. Laurence, Tralala, Victoria Kids, Vive La Fe'te,

Gifts and Accessories:

Aimee J., Bebe' au lait aka Hooter Hiders, Bla Bla, Character Builders, Child to Cherish, Crocodile Creek, eeboo, Fournier, Fru Fru Frames, Giddy Giddy, Golden Rabbit, Gund, Hog Wild Toys, Jacob's Ladder, J.T. beaded jewelry, Kalacom, Kreative Kids, Little Giraffe, Luna Lullaby, Maison Chic, Manhattan Toys, Micah's, Mudpuppy, Mullen & Fitzmaurice, North American Bear Co., Penelope Peapod, The Piggy Story, Puppet Workshop, Room it Up, Rosalina, Schylling, Toysmith, Tatiri, Zoobies, Z. Daisy AND MANY MORE for the holidays!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Sorry for the long post before........another tidbit...... The September "Tea Party Etiquette'" class was a huge hit!! We had a blast! Hurry and sign up for the October classes. They start next Tuesday! Call or e-mail to sign your child up. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday Tidbits!

Hey Everyone!! I know this is posting late today, but I have been super busy!! I know I have mentioned this more then once, but I LOVE FALL!!!!! This is my FAVORITE time of year! I love this season in the shop, it is SO much fun to sell!!
Speaking of Bellamia....... this past week marked number 10 on the count for my husband and I to be married and we spent some time reflecting on those 10 years (and alittle before......hey, who doesn't like to reminisce on those dating years......less responsibilities, no kids, no mortgage, no kids, candle light dinners, no kids, movies (with out paying a bsitter, because you have no kids).... Ah....no, really, God has truly blessed our marriage and our three beautiful girls.
I am not an easy person to live with. I do want my life to be used to the fullest, so that meant when he married me he knew to strap on his seat belt it was going to be a fast ride! We have had many adventures and been stretched and strengthened in our marriage and faith like I never thought. We have almost owned the shop for half of our marriage and starting a business is no piece of cake. Trial and Error, unfortunately was a big part of the beginning.....getting past that has taken time and humbling lessons. My husband is a very patient, kind and gentle man. When I mess up so badly, he forgives me before I even asked. I couldn't have the business without him. He handles all the finances, builds and has built almost ALL our displays in the store, builds me up and encourages me with all my ideas, and shopping this past weekend on our anniversary get-a-way picked up a very nice article of clothing that caught me so off guard (I think he's developed an eye for European clothing!!!!!!). And handling all this is just a small percentage of what he does day to day. I love you honey!!!
So just know, that when you walk through the doors of Bellamia, you are walking into an adventure.....our adventure, so we hope you enjoy the ride.............I think you will!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

What to choose.......What to post?!?! This week we received a TON of new merchandise, so that made it hard to choose what to post! But, I just couldn't resist not showing you the precious equestrian smocked Vive la Fe'te group that we received. This group of smocked equestrians are on a brown gingham bishop, long all or long bubble. You will love it! Stop in for your size soon, and check out ALL the other fabulous items in our store as well! See you soon!
P.S. New Arrivals this week include: Baby Nay, Vive La Fe'te, Monday's Child, Elephantito, North American Bear, Little Giraffe, Fru Fru Frames, Funtasia Too!, Kissy Kissy, Sweet Potatoes, Piccino Piccina, Caramelo and Auraluz.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

This week's gift idea is so fun! What little boy doesn't pretend to be a super hero?!?!?!?! Well, pretend no longer for they CAN be a Super Hero or Magician in our super fun capes by North American Bear. There are pockets inside for stashing their heroic items or tricks. Think ahead......Christmas is JUST around the corner!!! See you soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coupon Monday!

Drum roll please...........................................................................................................This week's "Coupon Monday" item is our Heirloom collection! We think our heirloom dresses, gowns, bubbles and suits are FABULOUS! And we want to show you! All that work......all that detail........how BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Come in and see for yourself! Mention this blog coupon to receive 20% Off one (1) "Coupon Monday" item of your choice! Hurry, offer expires next Monday! Start thinking for........Easter next year!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

This week's "Fabulous Friday" item is from our Buttermilk Farm Collection. Our Lammie Pie and Bo Bears are a FAVORITE!!!! As soon as you pick one of them up you will know why! They are, by far the softest stuffed animal I have ever held. These are perfect for that "Don't know what they're having" gift or for a 1st or 2nd birthday gift. In fact, a couple of years ago, my now eight year old wanted a Lammie Pie for Christmas! She got it and loves to sleep with it! Stop by for yours today! Or call ahead for a speedy pick up! We will have it wrapped and ready for you! Mention this blog to receive 20% Off one (1) "Fabulous Friday" item of your choice. Hurry offer expires next Friday! See you soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Aren't these cool mornings FABULOUS!!!! I love Fall! It is my favorite time of year....pumpkin patch, spiced tea, sweaters, fires, soups, breezes, leaves..... I could go on and on! This is also my favorite season in the shop. I love fall clothes! Little boy sweaters and corduroy pants. Dresses with cute tights. It has been so much fun and bittersweet to see some of our favorite outfits disappear off the racks already this season. We are happy they are in your hands and on your little one! I asked a company of mine that make boy 2 piece sets if they would break the set and make me some solid corduroy pants to go with many of my applique' tees for boys and they said yes. They arrived yesterday and have been a HUGE hit, I do not think they will last long. Hurry in soon for your size. Oh, and check tomorrows blog for a fabulous "Fabulous Friday" item! You will love it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

This week's new arrivals are so much fun!!! Pictured is a group we thought was so fun together! Here are pieces from Bella Bliss, Pears and Bears, Maggie and the Middle, and Funtasia Too! . Enjoy!!

P.S. Your boys need a pair of pants? Blue,red,brown and green are just some of the colors we have, but they pair perfectly with our applique' tees!! Hurry in for your size!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

" I need a gift for a
Baptism/ Christening". That is a request we hear quite often. This week's gift idea will fulfill that request! Pictured are many ideas with many price points for you. From our Scriptural based line Mustard Seed ($11.00-$30.00) to our Fru Fru Frames ($52.00) you will find the perfect gift for your special receiver. We will wrap complimentary for that special day and you will be all set with your keepsake gift! Call ahead if you are in a hurry, we will be happy to have your gift wrapped and ready for you. You can even pay over the phone. See you soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Coupon Monday!

This week's coupon is on our musical instruments! Stop in to see our selection.....from maracas to accordions...we've got it! See you soon!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Surprise Saturday!

Hey Ya'll............SURPRISE!!!! Mention this blog to receive 20% OFF one (1) non- sale item of your choice tomorrow only!!

Fabulous Friday!

This week's "Fabulous Friday" item features our FABULOUS Zoobie Pets!!!! We LOVE our Zoobie Pets and think they are perfect for your child. As shown in the picture; Zoobies are a fun stuffed animal that converts to a pillow and is filled with a Super Soft large blanket!! They are just fantastic and will be the number one gift this year in my store for Christmas. They range in measurement from 18" to 30". They are perfect for ALL ages! We have seen 1year olds-12year olds love our Zoobies! Stop by and see our selection (for they make many animals to choose from), and mention this blog for 20% OFF our "Fabulous Friday" item for the week. Expires next Friday! See you soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Oh My, Oh Dear...... I'm going to be late!!! That may be the case for Rabbit, but it's not too late for you! Our "Tea Party Etiquette'" classes have started and we are booking classes for October now.

Children will learn to sit still and listen to Ms. Chancey as she begins class.

They will learn how to greet one another.

They enjoy their delicious tea party snack and learn to use their knife.

More etiquette' in the lessons ahead to come.........

Looks like a time well had!

Contact us by e-mail or phone 673-8440 for more info!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

WOW........ where to start.... We have been SO busy today putting out 6 large boxes full of inventory that came in today! This is a picture of the softest plush coats for your little boy or girl from our Emile et Rose line. I know what your thinking.......... COATS!!...... Yes, coats! You've gotta have them so start thinking winter, because it's just around the corner! These are PRECIOUS! Hurry in soon to see our new Maggie and the Middle Pumpkin Tees that just came in! See you soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea

This week's gift idea is from our Tatiri line. Tatiri is a VERY colorful, whimsical and fun gift line for boys and girls. From wooden jewelry, toothbrush holders,bookmarks to yoyos, this line has wonderful gifts and that perfect tie for the bow! Pictured is just a few items from there line. These colors are so much fun!!! We can even create you a Tatiri "to go" basket for your special gift! Let us know how we can help! Hope to see you soon in our new location 560 Westgate PKWY ste 3. New Hours 9-5:30 M-F 10-5 S

Monday, September 8, 2008

Coupon Monday!

Another Coupon Monday!! Mention this blog to receive 20% OFF any one (1) of our CD's. Offer expires next Monday 9/15/08. Hope to see you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

This week's "Fabulous Friday" features our wonderful spin games. Pictured is our Tea Party spin game by eeboo. This game is a MUST have for a little girl! My girls are 5, 8 and 9 and love to play it together. We also have a Paper Doll, Happy Birthday, and Robot spin game by eeboo and they are all SO much fun to play! Mention this Fabulous Friday item to receive 20% OFF (1) one Fabulous Friday item of the week! Expires next Friday 9/12/08. Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Tidbits... (a little advise too!)

On a mom note- I'm going to have fun this year even if it kills me.......... Somehow, that statement just doesn't go together- FUN and DYING!?!? I have been thinking about how summer is so fun, kids are out of school, schedule....what schedule, vacation, sunny days...etc. Then it starts... school, the rush out of the house to get to school, after school commitments, homework, Church commitments,homework, work (did work ever end), hurricane days, homework, oh and did I mention homework! My point is..... LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!! Take a breath, slow down a little, and maybe even STOP awhile, do something this week that is out of the norm. Skip that extra activity, shut your phones off and cuddle with your babies, take a date with your honey!! But most importantly, do all of your life with joy and excitement. You will live, because HE died, be thankful for all that you are able to do, because of Him!
On the business note- The "Tea Party Etiquette'" Classes started this week with SO much fun!!! I do believe the children had a blast and learned a lot already! Call or e-mail us to sign up for October classes.

Things might be a little crazy in our parking lot this week due to The Butcher's Block opening today @ 10am. Take note, we do have back parking. I can't wait to see what they all have to offer! See you soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Arrivals Wednesday!

Well, I think I have to say that Room Seven is definitely my favorite "New Arrival" for the week! This is one of my FAVORITE lines I carry! The picture is not what I have in the store (from their website), because with this line I mix and match to create my own designs for what I think you will like- and I have to say.......... it's FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to see it on your little girl!!! Stop in soon! New store ours 9-5:30 M-F 10-5 S.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Gift Idea AND Your coupon you've wondered about!

Round 'em up Cowboy's, we've got western toys to show and sell! I love cowboys and Indian toys! How GREAT for that imagination!! Come in to see our great selection of Western toys! I also know your were disappointed when you read yesterday's blog and didn't see a coupon..........so here it is........ Take it off of our "gift idea" for the week! Enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Closed Labor Day!

We are closed today due to the holiday! Hope you enjoy your day with family and friends!! We will re-open tomorrow morning at 9am. See you then!
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