Monday, January 31, 2011

Good morning??

Ever had one of those "can't wait until tonight so I can just go back to bed" kind of mornings?? Last night I had three little munchkins pile in my bed and one little munchkin loves to not just kick, but punch, squirm and toss ALL.NIGHT.LONG! Sometimes, I kick, punch and shove back, but doesn't even faze her. I kept thinking she was going to tell me when she woke up this morning that she had this terrible dream that someone that looked just like her mother that would never do this, kept kicking her and made her very sad. Our conversation went more like this...

Me: Elizabeth, how did you sleep?
Elizabeth: Terrible! I had a terrible dream.
Me: uh oh, What about?

Pause- if you don't know this about Elizabeth yet, she is a VERY dramatic,matter a fact, kind of girl, so this conversation at this point is already getting intense.


Elizabeth: Well, I dreamed I went to school and I opened my Lunch box...

Me- interrupting: and it punched you?

Elizabeth: NOOOO, mom. I opened my lunch box and I had a snack I didn't like. Emily packed me a snack I don't like. And I knew it wasn't you, because you wouldn't pack me that snack. You would just kick me all night instead.It was Emily, and I was so upset. 'cause I had to eat that snack.

Whew! Although, I woke up like I had been in a boxing ring all night, Elizabeth is just fine. Like I said. Doesn't.Even.Faze her. I told her she had to sleep by herself tonight somewhere (because she can't sleep in her room because it still looks like this) and she told me she would just sleep with Emily. She informed me that Emily doesn't mind being kicked all night......hmmm, I think not.

Don't you wish that your bad dreams were just about your lunch box having a snack you didn't like in it!?!

On a totally different topic...

For all you bloggers out there with Blogspot, haven't had much time to play with the newbies, but pretty excited about some of the new options we've got going on in the blog world. If you start seeing some changes (in a good way I hope) to my blog, it's because I am exploring into all the new fun buttons and options that are only fingertips away! Any bloggers out there, liking this too??

Happy Coupon Monday to you all!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap......

Whew! This weekend FLEW by! I am SUPER excited about how the girl's rooms are turning out! Noticed I said "turning out" instead of "turned out". I would love to say I finished them over the weekend, but not quite. We did a LOT to them, and it has come together wonderfully! I sewed to more then my heart's content.

KB's shower and girls room 108

I am blessed that my grandmother taught me to sew. She loved to use a pattern, I hate to use a pattern. Therefore her's came out perfectly, mine perfectly flawed!

I wasn't able to finish Jillian's sewing because I was short on fabric and when the re-order box arrived Friday, I was thrilled that I would be able to finish, but then I opened it. This is what I found......

KB's shower and girls room 131

Yes, you can laugh, that's what I did....

They were quick to fix the problem. That was Friday and the fabric is scheduled to arrive today!

Before I could start all my projects at home Friday, I started with the flowers for a dear friends baby shower brunch Saturday morning....

KB's shower and girls room 011

KB's shower and girls room 008

KB's shower and girls room 033

KB's shower and girls room 062

Emily joined me, as the Guest of Honor was her 2nd grade school teacher. Three years later she still loves her so much!!

When Emily and I arrived home, we were met with this.....

KB's shower and girls room 084

KB's shower and girls room 088

You see, we do not have a floored attic. You will see a few pictures down, why Tim had to crawl into the attic and add 2X4's. Which means, for a man's foot to slip off a thin board and puncture (his leg only) through the ceiling of Elizabeth's closet wouldn't be that hard.

You can laugh....I did not.....

In fact it wasn't until last night I found out that Elizabeth came into her room shortly after this happened. Her response....."ohhhhhhh,Daddy is going to get it! Mama is going to spank his butt for doing this...Daddy, you are going to really get it."

I did laugh pretty hard when I heard her response. And for the record, he DID get it (a little), but not until after I found out he was ok and showed some concern for his lung.

Well, this post is getting long, so I will spare the details of the room for a later post. I still have a dust ruffle to hem, roman shades to make in Jillian's room, Pillows to make for Emily's bed, lamp shades to purchase, a round rug for Emily's room and art work to complete in both rooms. But all and all, here is a sketch I gave my husband that I doodled (remember, I am not the artist).......


And by his wonderful talents he gave me this.......

KB's shower and girls room 123

KB's shower and girls room 130

Be back with details later of the process.....

Coupon Monday....50% Off!

A lot of you used this one and loved it! For the ones who missed the it is again!

Be back shortly with another "sneak peek" into the room make-overs!

It a pretty big peek!

Friday, January 21, 2011

For Sale part 3.....

Of course as I clean out, I decide to part with a few more things. I am sorry I don't have a better picture but I forgot to take a picture before I left home and will re-post another one when I get home if it doesn't sell before then. This is a metal FULL size (not Full/Queen) headboard painted a neutral taupe. Because Emily had a queen bed we could not attach the bed to the frame (this is becoming a habit in our home apparently), so it just rested up against the wall with the bed pressing against it. I found it at an antique' market when we lived in South Carolina and had a Full size bed for the guest room........

Emily's room

It is in great condition, easy to re-paint if you want to change the color. I will take $20.00 for it.

I will be back with a few more items that I have almost talked myself into giving up!

In the meantime...... I am SUPER excited about the way the girl's rooms are coming along. Jillian had some fabric delay so made the painting and sewing process run behind! Emily's is close to being complete! Here is a sneak peek........

girls room and store 022

If you have unfinished hardwood floors in your home or unwanted ugly carpet (with concrete slab under, don't paint the carpet obviously!) I HIGHLY recommend doing this to them. It isn't as hard as it looks and doesn't cost much (1 quart each for the following: base color paint,diamonds paint, sealer on top) so roughly with supplies included $40.00). Don't be afraid! If you were planning on re-carpeting or refinishing in the future this is a really cute inexpensive way to update before then!

If you remember from Elizabeth's room next door.......

Lizzy am

I opted to put Emily's at an angle for a more diamond look (also, because of the placement of her will see soon!) and went with a larger diamond for an older look.

Hope the UPS or FedEx truck brings us lots of goodies today! Will post pictures as new spring arrives! See you soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

For Sale Part 2.....

So here we are in day 6 of our project and I am SO ready for my house to be back in order! Here is a picture of Jillian's Room before...........



See those headboards????

This is where they have made their home for the last week.......

girls room and store 033

So all that to say, I decided to part ways with them as well! Tim and I made these and we never attached the bed frames to them (which I highly recommend you attaching them!), but we made it to do so, so it can be done! If you are a DIY'er then FYI the the back can easily detach for changing the fabric and changing the paint color.

I will take $40 for the pair. Email me if you are interested!

here is a sneak peek into Jillian's new room......

girls room and new product 018

girls room and store 024

girls room and store 025

girls room and new product 021

Emily's before....


Only picture is un-made bed ....sorry!


Sneak peek into hers.......

girls room and new product 024

girls room and new product 028

girls room and store 030

girls room and store 027

Hope to have these finished over the weekend! Stay tuned!

Don't forget about the "Coupon Monday"....scroll down, print it, and bring it in! See you soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For Sale......

My little girls are growing up! Two of them have requested over the last few months to eliminate the "pink" in their rooms. Of course with having three girls there is a LOT of pink! I don't blame them, they have had these rooms in these pastel pinks and alike for many years now.

They are starting their pre-teen years and so a room make over is due!

They have chosen (with my help/encouragement of course) a room that is appropriate for YEARS to come and very different from what they had.

Pictures will come soon on the make over, but in the mean time, to eliminate things that are only collecting in my living room and halls {that I have to maneuver around every day of this process}, I have decided to sell a few of them........

The first is a custom piece of Art. It matched Emily's room and I know this will have to be for a person buying for an "Emily", but I will take my chances. It retailed in my store for $80.00. I will take $30.00 in measures 24X30.

girls room and new product 009

girls room and new product 012

The next are a pair of Framed art by Laura Ashley. I don't remember what I paid for them, but for the pair I will take $15.00. Sorry I didn't measure these...I believe they are about 11X9.

girls room and new product 013

The next is a custom piece of art that I have LOVED for many years, but since I am re-doing one of the rooms that has this bathroom, I am parting ways with this as well. I paid $40.00 and will take $15. I didn't measure this either, but have something like it in the shop and it should be 14X11.

girls room and new product 014

All of these are in Great condition! Email me if you are interested!

I am sure I will have more as my "spring cleaning" continues! Stay Tuned for a sneak peak into our projects.........

Spring Cleaning in the shop has also been going on! Check out the coupon on "Coupon Monday" below and use it to help us make room for new spring!

I arrived this morning after having a long weekend off to these cuties..........

girls room and new product 029

girls room and new product 030
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