Tuesday, October 13, 2009

is there something i'm missing?????

** I will add a few pics to not make this look so long and boring!**

When I started Bellamia it was ALL new to me. As I have mentioned before, unfortunately running this business (as I would think others) takes some hard lessons...to which we call trial and error! You open your business, but WHO is your business! That is where you come in.

boy section1

At first I embraced market with excitement; who wouldn't right??? Still to this day, just about everyone I talk to right before heading to market says "OHHHH, what fun! I wish I could go!". In my mind I'm thinking....."FUN....FUN...YOU THINK THIS IS FUN????" Going into "stores" with uncertainty of what you are about to see, and spending THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars on product to which you PRAY will sell, and looking over and over again at product that someone (usually the friend, mother or designer/creator) tries to sell you and tell them you don't like it as politely as you can (when you are really wanting to gag!). Your stomach turns as you sign a paper committing yourself to receiving AND paying for what you have selected to sell 8mos. down the road(that probably easily cost more than your first car you owned!), and looking at someone in the eyes and embracing friendly and business conversation to reps that promised to keep you exclusive and didn't, or vendors you still are paying money to for last season! Sound fun now!!?!??

Don't get me wrong, I have finally come to a place where it is WORK and FUN! Above are memories and events that played a very important roll in not only the way Bellamia is now, and what God has used in my life to shape me to who I am today. As for those difficulties and challenges.....I wouldn't have it any other way!

As I embrace Market this weekend, I look forward to the following:

Family time: as my kids just LOVE the hotel swimming pools, breakfast and all that Atlanta has to offer! Believe me...we've done it ALL (even getting into market as models!).

girls st.mount rock1
Girls at Stone Mountain...
Friendships: Over the past 5 years I have made some great friendships with vendors and reps. There is nothing like meeting someone in person that you have only talked with on the phone, or prayed for their cancer ridden body to heal ,or peace over a sudden loss of a child.


And of course Buying for you guys: this has been a great challenge! As I mentioned at the beginning of this long post. You guys play a MAJOR roll in keeping my business alive! I have so enjoyed serving you! Now, as I attend market, picking out precious things I think of you! Time and time again my mind will say "this looks just like so and so" or "this would be precious on...", or " I need two of this size 'cause of the twins that I think will LOVE this".

So, I am heading off again to the big city of hot 'lanta and would love to hear from you before I leave! As you can imagine, there are thousands of clothing lines out there. I love, love, love to find new and unique lines for my store, perhaps most that I get to introduced to you for the first time. But, I am aware that there are some favorites of yours you would like to introduce to me. So leave me a comment and I will do a little researching!

Happy Shopping!!

the girls & ginger1


ashley said...

have fun at market katie! i think you do a great job! keep it up! you know how i enjoy seeing all of your new items arrive!!

Darby said...

Hey Katie, What a fun post and fabulous picture of the store... were you the one on the ladder!? :) I can only imagine how tiring market can be and I'm glad it's you and not me... although, I'd like to be a fly on the wall for one day to see all the behind the scenes action {and gag-tion}! I can't think of anything I'd rather you carry... you have such precious, precious stuff and you seem to have the knack for picking it out!!! Can't wait to see what comes in... in 8 months!!

andi said...

Have a great trip!!! It sounds like a purposeful time-in more ways than one! :)

Kristen said...

I have done the market thing and can relate...have a great trip with your precious girls!

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