Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drawing and last minute gifts!!!

Don't forget about signing up for $50 shopping spree...drawing to be held tomorrow at 4pm!!
Also, here are a few suggestions for that last minute gift!!!
Girl age 1-3 : Sweeper, ironing board set, tickle monster, penelope peapod, bla bla, clothes, purses, NAB dolls, zoobies, just to name a few!
Girls age 3-7: bla bla, art sets, chalk a doodles, diaries, pajamas, tickle monster, penelope peapod, NAB dolls, ironing board set, sweeper, jewelry, zoobies, purses, create your own doll, color me just to name a few!
Boys age 1-3: sweeper, bla bla,tickle monster, clothes, zoobies, blankets, balls, pull alongs, tickle monster, just to name a few!
Boys age 3-7: Robot hand, wild west building set, erector kits, bow and arrow set, tickle monster, zoobies, monster feet, balls, gonks, dart ball set, puzzles, back packs, lap desk, deer heads, golf club sets, tool box, art sets, just to name a few!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would like to be entered into the drawing!

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