Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As I promised.....

Sort of. I promised a picture LAST weekend. But, life happened. In fact, life has happened a LOT lately. So much life, that last week, I actually forgot to take someone a meal I had signed up for. A meal I signed up TWO weeks prior. A meal that I coordinated ALL the meals for for this person. A meal I had already gone grocery shopping the day before for. A meal I received an email reminder for. A meal I talked about earlier that day with a customer and my employee. A meal that left my mind around 1pm and didn't return until 9:45pm. I have never done that. The couple was very gracious to me. I was not.

Last week, I think that if my head was not permanently attached to my body I would have lost it, but as I showed you above, my mind on the other hand, no such luck.

I was so hoping that this week would be better, but Monday had already started with missing a make up piano lesson and ending with about a gazillion errors in my softball game.

So here is Tuesday with high hopes again for turning this week around and I was phoned at 6:30am with the police at my shop telling me I had damage to my door knob for what attempted to be a brake in. THANKFULLY, it was not our shop and that everything was fine in the other location.

Honestly, I was rather calm when they called, but I was tempted to yell "TO HELL WITH IT ALL!". Isn't that awful to say. I am tempted to backspace this whole paragraph and delete it, but then I just might give you the impression that I ALWAYS think that life is good, or I ALWAYS respond with God you are faithful, or I ALWAYS respond with there must be a good reason I am going through this.

I trust that all the statements above ARE true, but on a realistic point, I am a sinner and sin often and am thankful I do have a Faithful Father that will not just get me through, but has intentions for my good and His glory with it.

So because my mind has had the forecast of cloudy with a chance of insanity, here's hoping for a clear, peaceful rest of the week.....

I leave you with these few details of Miss Emily's room......

Red fabric came from Hancock's. Print came from Fabrics.com. I used less fabric in Emily's room then Jillian's so I justified spending a little more since I LOVED it so much! I still have Pillows to make across the back. I decided to do baskets instead of a bedskirt: A) because I was tired of sewing and B) because we have limited storage in our old home so this was a good option. And C) I think it looks good.

The cork board sheets came from Wal-Mart and I topped them with ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I have intentions of slip covering the desk chair as well....One day.

The unfilled picture frames are from Home Goods, the letter E was from Highland's Antique' Mall, Chest was from a yard sale.

 Artwork by our very own talented Leah and plates were some I had that I had stored away. I think I got them a TJ Maxx. Lamp I think was a Martha Stewart K-mart purchase from our early married years and lamp shade was just picked up recently from Ikea.

Book Shelf is not the greatest and was originally purchased at Ikea for a shop display but made it's home in here for now. Bins I think were from Lowes. They were pink before and sprayed them Red. Bird prints were from a Hospital Gift shop in Mobile, when visiting family on the arrival of my new niece. This only proved to Tim that I can shop anywhere.

I still have a rug to purchase and of course there will be this and that to do as she grows.

That's all for now folks! Happy Tuesday!


Kim K said...

Thanks for this post. It hit home about real life happening. And remembering to get back up when it knocks you down :-)

kkd said...

Lovin' that super sassy big girl room! And the fact that you are just "keepin' it real" about life. :) Hugs!

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