Monday, October 3, 2011

what happens?

What happens when little girls stop playing dress up?

What happens when little girls stop playing with dolls?

softball, spring break and crafts 250

What happens when little girls stop climbing trees?

or skating and riding their bikes?

What happens when little girls grow up to be big girls?

What happens?

Last weekend Jillian wanted a friend over, but her question.......

What are we going to do????

WHAT, REALLY??? All of a sudden it was if God immediately spoke to me and said "phase 2....get creative"

Are we a society of T.V. Watching, Video Game Playing, Movie Seeking, Mall Dropping and Lazy Lounging entertainment for our kids?

What DO you do with pre-teens?

I wholeheartedly believe that these little girls growing up battle between Dress Up (adolescences) and Hanging Out (adulthood) more than we think. A few years ago, my girls were at "The Pool" and asked a local peer if she wanted to play "Mermaids". The Peer responded "Mermaids??? No, Mermaids are for babies!!."

And although my girls still enjoy the things stated above, they are quickly learning, the interest among their peers is sparse.....

And you know what else I believe. I believe that we were all created in the image of our God; and because we have a very creative God that has created everything we see and haven't seen, means that somewhere in us, we have some creativity.

Now I know what you are thinking; easier for you to say.

I realize that there are gifts and levels to this side, but because we had a lot of creative details in putting us together, I believe that sometimes we just don't explore ways to bring it out.

So when Jillian made that statement to us, I realized that I had to explore ways to be creative with pre-teens.

I know that some women don't like to cook and therefore think they CAN'T cook. I also, know that women try to cook and still it doesn't always come out the way they want it to. Don't give up. Sometimes cooking comes naturally and sometimes you have to practice it. Oh, how many times my biscuits turned out like rocks from over kneading, my grits lumpy from lack of whisking and temp too high, or my meat dry from over cooking and my chicken wirery from feeling as though we might get salmonella if I didn't "re-kill it".


So, because I also believe that God gave women the natural desire to "home-make", I would encourage that in my pre-teens as they explore their creativity in the Kitchen.

The Kitchen seems to always be the place everyone gathers. Food is comforting, relationships get real around the table. So, we decided that this "phase 2" would include cooking with our pre-teen friends.

We will start with the basics and simplicity. They can then gather around and chit chat over the fruits of their labor. Try this recipe below. When I say easy, I mean, it is EASY!


This is all you will need......

Empty the box mix and canned pumpkin in a mixing bowl....

Pre-heat oven set for 350......

Mix the two contents (just the cake mix and pumpkin!)

Spray your muffin pans... (i only have a regular 12 count and two 6 count jumbo pans)...

Spoon about 1-2 tablespoon of batter in the muffin pans and spray your child's fingers with cooking spray and have them pat the batter as flat as they can in the bottom of the pan......

Bake 10mins for Regular Size and 12 minutes for Jumbo size. Let them cool.....

Spread Marshmallow Creme when cooled... (NOTE- this is the very first time I bought or made anything with marshmallow creme- I know sad. Anyway, this was entirely too much! we learned quickly it expands! only add about 1/2-1tsp.) on one half and then top with the other.....

  and DIG IN!

Note- this filled TWO 12 count regular sizes muffin pans and TWO 6 count jumbo muffin pans for a total of 18 Sandwiches! Refrigerate when not serving....Perfect for the Fall :)

Explore your creativity and share with us! Leave a comment with a link to something you have done creative or found creative on the Web! Hope to hear from you :)

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kkd said...

Love this post. The girls are just precious. Love that they played mermaids at the pool together, but not that some other kid called them out on it. :( You are making some sweet, sweet memories in the kitchen with them. And yum to that treat too!

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