Wednesday, November 9, 2011

short and sweet!

 Short, because I promised a post every other day, but this time change is kicking my butt! I want to go to sleep by 5:30pm!!

And sweet, because a couple of weekends ago, I was apart of giving one of the sweetest people I know a baby shower!

Very pregnant, this couple decided they wanted to find out what the sex was. To her surprise, because baby #1 is a girl, she found out baby #2 is a boy. She was pretty shocked as she thought for sure baby was a girl.

So time to pull out the blue! We handed out "advice" cards for guests to fill out on little boys....I learned a few things myself ;)

Opening baby clothes can be extremely exciting, and you start picturing your little man or princess in the given attire. Yet, this baby shower was different, as in, this was a military couple, only here for 6 mos, limited space/storage. About to move, and has a huge heart for mercy ministries. So, the "gifts" to them, was actually given, with the understanding, and donated in Baby's Name to the local pregnancy crisis care center Wiregrass Hope Group.

This is truly one of the most fun couples I know. They were here several years ago in flight school, so it was a sweet reunion for them to return for a short while.

Because they are super fun, I couldn't shake the thought that this shower needed to be super fun.

Up until two days before I struggled with a fun idea.......and then I had lunch with a group of ladies and one just happen to mention an idea she came up with for a baby shower she gave.......

when I heard the word baby shower, I tuned in. This person, new to my acquaintance, was fun and bubbly, and I knew that whatever she had to say, was not the typical "who got the mustard dirty diaper" game for a prize, kinda' of gal.

I she explained, I got so giddy inside and went straight to Wal-Mart for the supplies.......

Here's what you need:

Fabric Glue
Fabric/felt/buttons/pom poms/ric rac/ribbon
Printed objects on cardstock (for ideas/inspiration and pattern)

(and a big bowl of M&M's for snacking ;) )

We started them with a simple example that literally only took me 5 mins to make......

And then gathered around the kitchen and coffee table.......

 And then, whaaaaalaaaaa.......

(there was actually more, we just ran out of room hanging them up!)

It was the most fun I have ever had at a shower! And the best part......

They get to take a little piece of Dothan with them on their next adventure from people that love them and made this especially for Baby Matthews.

I am taking this idea "on the road" to the girls school. I am in charge of a Christmas Craft.....thinking I could do a lot with fabric glue, t-shirts and 6th graders :)

Good Night y'all!

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