Wednesday, June 20, 2012

little by little.....

sometimes it feels like the "honey-do" list never ends. I know I am the culprit for it's life. I add to it....daily.

 When closing the shop back in October, I couldn't part with a few pieces of furniture.

It was my opportunity to get organized.

I have sewn on my dining room table for years. Functioned out of Rubbermaid containers. And the craft supplies, oh, the craft supplies. Let's just say, I had multiple "junk" drawers and baskets!

We were blessed in our old home to have the previous owners turn the 5th bedroom into a laundry room. I realize not every laundry room is this big. Unfortunately for me, I despise doing laundry. Oh, flipping the switch and pushing a button isn't the tedious task. It's the folding and putting away that I despise.

Some questioned how in the WORLD I was going to squeeze all the ideas and furniture in this room, and not to mention, create and environment that we enjoy being in. I can't seem to find a before picture of the room, so I will give you this one I found on the web....

image from google images.

And then you can times it by 100 and it will give you a picture in your head of my craziness. :)

I don't have it finished. I still have dog food spilt on the ground that crush under my feet, maybe a dead roach (or two) to sweep up, and not all my containers match all pretty like, but I am loving it. I love the art I picked up at a yard sale that inspired the colors, the chandelier I painted that once hung over my grandmother's kitchen table, and the touches here and there of items that hold 8 years of memories at Bellamia.  I still have some "honey-do's" in there, and some for myself. But it is school room, craft room, laundry piling ready,( sans the curriculum that I have in multiple shopping carts pulled up on 7 different windows on my computer).

And although I resembled something of the wicked witch of the west to my kids and hubs, I did seem to accomplish  the powers of my broomstick yesterday and create this.....

they (my hubs and kiddos) have so much grace and so much love. I felt terrible for letting my frustration of my un-orderness come out through my mouth, and for sending my husband to McDonald's for his dinner at 9:30pm.  And as Tim called me earlier at 4:30pm and said, "I am going to head out soon, do you want me to pick up anything for you?", I believe my response was something like, "I am the most overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed I have been in awhile, you might not want to come home.". Oh, how he loves me and sets me straight.

I kept praying all day......"Lord, please keep my tongue from evil.", but earlier in the day it was "Lord, please keep my tongue from evil, even though I want to bite their heads off!". Hey, He knows my heart, so might as well tell Him what's in there instead of trying to cover it up.

That witch seemed to have melted away and the glitter of the Good Witch of the east seems to be moving about the house today, and my little munchkins are delighting in today.

Praise the Lord, His mercies are new every morning! I need as much as I can get :)

Just put 877 picture in my Summer time folder. Hope to go through them and catch you up soon!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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Jessica said...

i have craft room/school room/ laundry room envy sooo bad right now. My next house WILL have a craft and wrapping room - granted it may take the place of the kitchen but at least it will get used more!! You did a GREAT job! I feel like a little piece of bellamia lives on through these pics...I can't help but feel like at least one wall should be filled with the most adorable kids clothes to complete the look.

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