Thursday, July 24, 2014

And so I sit...

staring at the screen. My heart and thoughts are all over the place lately. There are times I want to sit down and blog, and other times I want to use any spare time to nap....

Lots of happenings around the Pilcher household. Our two oldest head off to High School in a count down of just a few more weeks.

My heart struggles with this. This has been a busy summer and there are times I just look at these few weeks and start to feel really down. Kind of like when you're on vacation, and half way through you start to hate the fact you only have a couple more days of vacay instead of making every minute and enjoying the rest of the time we have. My mind isn't right.....I know that.

I know they won't be "gone", but I'm not gonna lie to myself and say it will be the same. It won't. They will be busy, busy. This is an exciting time in their lives as they build and make critical decisions that will play out in their future, and I don't just mean academically.

This is it, they may still be in our nest, but they are so grown. And we are excited that they are going to make decisions on their own. That they are building their future. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. If you are a parent of a teen, then I know you understand. If you're not, make sure you understand, that those crazy toddler years and up are so important.

Behavior demonstrates belief......Probably my hubby's favorite quote. They are watching you......

We will continue to homeschool our sweet, crazy, adventurous  Lizzy, who just turned 11 years old yesterday. Birthdays fill our summer :)

We currently have two 14 year olds in the house, and one that is about to turn 15 in just two weeks....eek!!! I keep thinking about a boy I started dating at her age, that became my husband a few short years later.

Crazy to think...

Hope is into EVERYTHING! We can't keep this girlie down! I have moved almost every item that sits less then 24 inches off the ground....she has discovered how to open cabinets and just this morning when I held my hands over the door so she couldn't open, just kept swatting my hand and fussing....Smart girl, she knew I was keeping her from it.

She has finally made it to sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah!!!  I'm quite shocked she's not walking yet, but we will find her standing on her own for a few seconds every now and then.

She has become quite clingy lately. What could be a little annoying at times, has in turn brought me peace knowing that she has bonded so well with me. Melts my heart. She has a smile that lights up a room like her older sister.

I'm so thankful that Jillian and Emily have had this year at home to enjoy her and for her to enjoy them. They are awesome big sisters. I love how God laid on our hearts to homeschool way before adoption was in our thoughts. This just shows how detailed our God is. I love it.

Speaking of adoption.....If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably overwhelmed (a nice word for annoyed ;) ) with my posting on this.

Our sweet friends, that started up Forever Families Foundation, asked me to be on their board last year. This has been a huge blessing to be apart of. If you will click on their name above it will direct you to our home page for our website.

On that home page is a way that you can register for a fundraising event (or simply just purchase a t-shirt) that we are having....hosted by Circle City CrossFit in Dothan, Alabama.

Now for you that are reading this and say...."THERE IS NO WAY THAT I AM DOING OR CAN DO CROSSFIT", let me go ahead and encourage you that there is a work out planned for anyone to do, or you can register for the Fun Run/Walk event that will also take place that same morning.

We are dreaming BIG, praying BIG and expecting BIG from this event. We have already been extremely blessed by generous corporate sponsors and individuals that want to see our bank account BURSTING with funds for our next Grant distribution in October.

We are non-profit, so 100% of ALL funds go to Christian Families in need of financial assistance in their adoption process. If you follow Forever Families Foundation via FB, you will already see some family members home with, or getting ready to pick up their child/children that the Foundation has helped fund through people like you.

So yes, I'm going to make a plug here and ask that you sign up for the Fundraiser, Pray for the event and foundation to be successful. AND if you would like to support us, please know that NO amount of money is too small.

When you go through an adoption....pennies matter. You wouldn't believe how many times I hear of how God provided through someone that "thought" their donation was small, but it was exactly what that family needed at the time.

Please consider how to help. I plan on updating you all with numbers after the event that will show how Big our God cares for the fatherless, that He plowed a way for families to bring them home.

Until next time peeps! Happy Thursday!

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