Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday Tidbits! on Friday........oops!

Well, I was really busy yesterday and so I didn't have a chance to post "Thursday Tidbits" , so I will post it now! Pictured are just a few of the fun new toys that will be arriving for the holiday season! Listed above is the coolest wooden toy crane for that special little boy! I LOVE IT! HOW MUCH FUN!
Then we have our oh so famous canopy doll bed from Rosalina! This bed fit's an American Doll as well, and is so precious for your child or grandchild of all ages!
Love the firetruck! This ride on toy has been a favorite in my store for 4 years! Fits up to 80 lbs!
This GIANT bla bla doll is over 3 ft tall and would be SO much fun sitting on your bed or lay on it as you watch a movie or play a tea party!! SO CUTE!!!!!!
The Plasma car! The Plasma car will hold up to Adults and comes in an assortment of colors. Go to plasmacar
too watch a demo, or wait a few weeks for them to arrive here, and we will show you in person! Get one for each of the grandchildren!!! Accepting pre-paids on the plasma car to insure you car!

These are just a FEW new toys that are arriving!! Holiday items will be arriving starting next week through Christmas!


ashley m. said...

hey katie! what is the age on the toy crane set?? looks like a great idea for you know who!

Bellamia said...

Perfect age for C. It is actually really large. I will have to get the exact measurements,but I think it is something like 14"X24 maybe larger. I will let you know Monday!

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