Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Market! What do you think Market is like???? Some of you may have been there before, but for those who haven't ,I will let you inside of my mind to show you what Market is to me! To the right is a picture of Building 3. This is the apparel building, yes that's right apparel only. Building 4 is being built as we speak for apparel also. Building 1 and 2 are just for merchandise and gifts! Trust me, Building 3 is just as ugly on the inside as out. Fourteen stories of no windows, no color, just bla bla bla bla. But hidden inside of this concrete block are fun jewels. Sometimes you have to take a chisel, but it is worth it! I am off to Market today for my second round of shopping for spring!!! Yes, I will post pics when I return if my camera cooperates. Yes, I do love my job! BUT when people hear that I on my way to market the first thing they say is "Oh, FUN!!! I bet you have so much fun!! I would love to go!". Yes, you would like to go, and anytime you have the opportunity you should. You would have fun! But Market is a lot of work and in fact is one key parts to this business!! You have your sales have the ones who want to see your business to do well and help you pick out your selection and then you have the ones who just want to sell, sell, sell, they don't care who you are or what you buy, as long as it is A LOT!!! You have showrooms that look like the cutest children's shop you have ever seen to the ones that look like an un-organized walk in closet (that's when I take out my chisel!). You have your Appointments and then you have the Free time to go hunt for the new jewels! All to say it truly is a lot of work, but I love to come home and put the next season together in my head and then into the store! Can't wait to show you my finds!!!! Be looking for future posts on my trip! Have a great weekend! And check Friday's blog for a surprise!

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