Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Tidbits!

I have some news.........
to the right is a VERY special offer we have started! Can you read inside the circle?........That's right! Whenever you check out at Bellamia the bottom of your receipt will have an ever changing offer/coupon! The one shown states that you can redeem your receipt/coupon with 14days of the receipt date and take an additional 10% OFF your entire purchase!! Like I said, this will change and there will be something different on the bottom of you receipt every time! Come in and start having fun!!! Lots of new spring rolling in!
And by the way, remember that adorable Kissy Kissy Blue floral bubble I posted about yesterday?..............I told you they would FLY OUT! Only ONE left and they just came in two days ago! Hurry, maybe I have your size left!!

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