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when driving by our store, there are a few things you are able to tell from the outside. If the tee pee is outside, we are open. If the door is open, then it is a beautiful day. If there are mannequins outside we are displaying new arrivals. AND if my car is out front you KNOW I am here (this is not ALWAYS the case, because sometimes I park in the I have so many customers say "I saw your car so I stopped (or to that regard)", so I USUALLY park in front, because "OF COARSE I WANT YOU TO STOP IN AND SEE ME"! But LATELY THIS is what I have heard by having my car in front.......



side expedition

What happen to your window????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is my car. It could be described like MOST vehicles that belong to a mother as: a car, a useful tool for carpool, a restaurant, a house (if you live in it like we do), a storage bin (large one), a trash can (large one) and anyone putting multiple children in the backseat of it........a fight starter!

BUT, I love this vehicle, one's paid off, what better reason to love it!

As soon as we paid it off my husband and my conversation went like this-

Tim- I paid off the car today
Katie- great!
Tim- I know! That will be nice not to have that payment every month!
Katie- Let's just hope nothing happens to it and it doesn't start falling apart....... FREEZE..(you know like when the narrator comes in).... I know, that was so negative and I completely knew it as it was coming out of my mouth..... WIVES- that is NOT the way to encourage your husbands! Back to the story-

Tim- Thanks a lot-
Katie- What??? I'm just saying-
Katie- I'm sorry..

I think the Lord takes us through things that you didn't think was a big deal to you just to show you that you DO have a pride issue with it and need to bring it before Him......

EXAMPLE- A car has always been JUST a car to me...if it gets me around and doesn't have any problems, it doesn't matter what it looks like............. FREEZE AGAIN.....

Things that have happened to my vehicle -

Keyed all the way down the drivers side
Car backed into the front of me in the Sonic parking lot and messed up light
Car rear ending me in the AWFUL median at Winn Dixie's 84 West (which they put a different color rear bumper on it when "fixed")
Car Wash made a funky spiderweb pattern on the panels on my doors
AND MOST RECENTLY- electrical gone out on drivers side door- Which resulted in the following story of the NEON ORANGE DUCT TAPE-

My "example" above rang very true and I drove around a car with a key cut all the way down for over a year, discolored panels for the same amount of time and a discolored rear bumper for almost a year now! (I am positive it bothered others more then me.......... UNTIL NOW!

Oh for the Love of ORANGE duct tape!

Back in early December we went on a family trip with (most) of my extended family to the beach. We had a fabulous time and with all the "men" getting together and beach trip wouldn't be complete without fishing tackle and all the fixings for a fishing trip. As we were packing I walked outside to load the car with luggage only to see my husband doing this to the top of our car.

top expedition

Katie- What are you doing?
Tim- I am taping my fishing rods to the top of the car.
Katie- Why? You don't like anything tide to the top of the car when we're driving.
Tim- I know, but it's crammed in the car and I know you don't like the fishing rods inside the car. (awww how sweet!)
Katie- well, won't that be hard to get off ( really thinking: are you really going to take the time to take it off, because I would rather have them in the car then tape on my car for months)
Tim- no, it won't be that hard.

And yes......that picture was taken today- (fyi my husband is FAR from being a lazy man) most people wouldn't consider us procrastinators, but it gets the best of us at times.

Fast forward.........

Over New Years weekend we traveled to Wetumpka (north east of Montgomery) to Celebrate Christmas with Tim's side of the family. Around 11 pm on Saturday night we received a phone call (from the people watching our dog) that our dog had gotten out and was running towards North Cherokee. Well, our dog is a small dog and she stays inside so she is not used to the business of the streets. We were concerned that if we didn't head on home to look for her (in the middle of the night) that we would have a harder time finding her in the morning or she would have been run over from the morning traffic. Anyway, Tim wanted our girls to know that Ginger is family and that God gave us a responsibility with her and so we needed to head home and find her. As we were heading out of Wetumpka and it being 11:30 pm we decided to stop by McD's for a coffee and Diet Coke to keep our eyes open. Well, Tim rolled down the window to order and it was frigid winds that nights so as he rolled it back up it stopped rolling.

Tim- Uh oh
Katie- Probably something to the effect of "CRAP"!
Tim- Here, you push the button and I will get out and push up from the outside
Katie- Ok
Tim - Something to the effect of "Crap"!

The window had come off the track and therefore if not held up would fall back down inside the door. Remember it is freezing cold this weekend and we had 2 hours left to drive........



We warmly drove home to find that our sweet Ginger made it back home on her own!

So, why is the tape STILL on my car 3 weeks later......

There has been many a time I have been thankful to be married to an electrical engineer and this is one of them. He has ordered the part off the Internet and when it arrives will fix and install it himself.

I had so many people call me and text me about it, I joked and said " I think I am going to blog about it so everyone will know". So, now you know! Have a great day!

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bd4040 said... the "orange" highlights on your car and the cute heart garland! see you soon..dilly

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