Monday, February 1, 2010


Who says you have to be a kid to use your imagination?????
When growing up, I don't think I said "I'm bored!" often, but I am sure if I did, my mom would have said...."go use your imagination!".
I think I must daydream more as an adult then when I was a kid, because my little imagination runs wild ALL the time that my memory can't keep up to put it on paper! Good thing I married a man who LOVES to carry my little day dreams to real life. This little project took imagining on both of our parts and engineering strictly on his!! We are still in the process of this BIG project, but having fun with it already!
Please enter.......
trap door1
inside view1
Our back yard has(d) two LARGE pecan trees. Two years ago the harvest on one was so large and the limbs were uncontrollably HUGE that we would be just hanging out in the house and would hear........ crackle, crackle, crackle.....BOOM! One huge limb would just fall straight to the ground with no warning, no rain, no wind, just a beautiful day. After crushing one of our swing sets we decided the girls were not aloud to go into the back yard until the tree came down.
My husband and a few guys took the majority of the tree down (which is another post in and of itself) and we were going to hire someone to take the rest down, including the stump. After awhile we decide to nix that idea as the imagination of a tree house starting blooming....
It is a little hard to tell from the pics, but the base of the tree house stands about 8ft tall.
side view1
We had so much rain over the month of December that it took a while for Tim to get the post and platform up........The walls on the other hand went much faster after Elizabeth took a running start and went soaring through the air like Super Woman. She landed on her feet and thought it was super cool, but I did not! She and no other friend were allowed up until rails and walls were up!
launch pad1
One side is open for the use of a launching pad for the zip line!
We will be adding a sliding barn looking door so that we can close all sides when smaller children are playing up there or the girls want some more privacy for the "girls only" Tree House!
zip line1
Hopefully the roof will go on sometime soon and maybe a few more features!
Who knows were your imagination will take you!!
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