Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun, Fun!!

Last year during this time, Tim was gone traveling a bit so I tried to fill (ha ha) our time after all the work and homework with fun projects.....
One of which was homemade Valentines!!
This year, Emily approached me with the fact that our life was FULL and that she would prefer NOT to make them and take the easier route this year!! FINE BY ME!!! They are fun to make, but she was right...57 valentine's PLUS teachers...that's a lot!!
We have had LOTS of fun making these personalized Valentine's below for customers!
to go valentine 001 (1)
While I was making them up, this is what Elizabeth was doing......
lizzy valentines 003(1)
Apparently, she still wants the homemade ones!!
lizzzy valentines 007 (1)
I have to say, they are much sweeter!! :)

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