Monday, December 13, 2010

Making a list...........

jill list 2
emily list
liz list
And checking it twice!
The girls put these on the fridge, oh, about 6 weeks ago! I love some efficiency! Now if I can get them this excited about cleaning out their closets before adding to them!
Thankfully before Tim went in the hospital we had most of this list checked off! And thankfully we decorated a little bit around the home front......
Now, as I continue to come across more decorations in the back closet, I ponder continuing to put them out this close to Christmas????
A few years ago I decided that all my wrapping would be in the same paper and that I would use a different color bow for the girls and Tim. That way, no one would know which present was theirs and trying to figure out what it was. It has worked beautifully so far and I even heard Jillian say yesterday that last year she was green so green must be Emily or Elizabeth. Little does she know, it is her again! Perfect!! Anyone else out there do this??
And thank you thank you thank you to all of you who continue to ask about Tim. He is doing great physically; driving me a little nuts emotionally!! As in, I want him to take it easy and relax and not do to much, and he keeps going, going, going! I thought I was the stubborn one! I love him anyway and he knows it!
I'll be back tomorrow with a few pics of things that you might want to add to your little one's list!

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Wanting What I Have said...

Saw your bottle of Veo Grande - that might possibly be my very favorite wine EVER! - The house looks beautiful!

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