Monday, December 6, 2010

my love....


I'll try to muster up some energy for quick post.....


Friday Morning Tim went to Urgent Care with what he thought, sinus related issues....


After truly Feeling perfectly fine on Thursday day and all through the night. Friday he arrived at work and had pain in is ear down to his ribs...

tim and moon

After a recommendation for a chest x-ray, just because, I got the call.

Take your husband to the E.R., do not pass go, do not collect your $200, get him straight there.

As they showed me an x-ray of his chest and told me he had a spontaneous pneumothorax , LAYMEN TERMS PLEASE! His right lung had collapsed.

I don't need to tell y'all how I felt, as my heart was racing to the E.R. with hazards on and what appeared to be Tim having a heart attack with all the agony of pain and him holding his chest in the seat beside me.


Update- Chest Tube still in since Friday, lung collapsed slightly again last night and leak is still there. Was hoping it would've healed by now on it own with out surgery. We are still playing the wait and see game as to avoid surgery at all cost and let it heal in the hospital with chest tube in.

Cause- Tim happened to fall into the 10%- 15% of "tall and thin" people this can happen too. No other reason for collapse, no smoking, no accident, no fall, nothing. Scary. Please be in prayer for his healing.

The shop was closed Friday afternoon, my apologies, we are opened regular hours today and tomorrow, but possibility of only being opened in the afternoons from Wednesdays - Friday. We have never had to close shop, but unfortunately emergencies happen that sometimes you aren't prepared for. So please know you will be informed and update on Tim and store hours. My Family comes first without hesitation and I know you all understand! Thank you for your continued support.

Thankful for a Loving Heavenly Father that holds us and draws us closer to Him everyday and that will never let us go. Thankful it wasn't more serious. Thankful for fabulous friends and family(also, for my best friend that cleaned my house so that it wouldn't look like the below pictures at our return! Which she remarked I was way braver then her to post those, you should've seen my laundry room! I'm not THAT brave!). Thankful for good Doctors. Thankful for helpful nurses.

Thankful for the Love of my Life. Thankful.


kkd said...

Katie, I'm praying, but how can I help with the store, girls, etc. I'd love to bring dinner. What night will be good for you all?! Let me know and consider it done!
Love, Kristee

JMW said...

Oh, my, definitely sending prayers your way. What a horrible thing for him to experience. You have the right perspective: family first.

Wanting What I Have said...

Katie - we've been praying for y'all. love you!

kristen said...

Oh my word! I am so sorry. Praying for y'all!

mary katharine said...

Not what I expected to find in my inbox this morning ... but so thankful I know how to pray for you today! Please know your in my heart and prayers. Let me know if I can do anything ... even if it is just offering a listening ear!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Katie, I am so sorry and definitely praying for Tim and you. I wish I was back in Dothan so I could help you out in the store =( Jennifer Watson

Bellamia said...

Thank you Ladies!

@ Kristee- Pat Wood arranging meals,Sending to my mom's for now since the girls are staying there, then home when we get there. I will take 'em girl! Thank you!

@ JMW, Kristen,J and Mk- thank you for your prayers! Keep 'em come 'em!

@ Jennifer- thank you girl! You are right, you could have soooo helped me at the shop, I would have put you to work for sure!

Thank you thank you ladies much appreciated!

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