Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a Give- Away!!

Alrighty blogger peeps! It's been awhile since we have done a Local Give-Away! Are you ready???

If you remember....I told you Jillian really wanted a mani/pedi for her birthday.....

So we went together and it was some fun girl time :)

This week's Give-Away is for a Spa Pedicure at Pinky Nails!!!

We love Pinky Nails, and if you haven't had the treat of being served there then hop on it! You will love them!

Here are the rules.......

 to enter you must simply do one of the following for one entry. You may choose to do all or some of the 4 for multiple entries.

 "Like" Pinky  Nails on Facebook
2.) Link Pinky Nails on your Facebook wall

3.) Post something on Pinky Nails Wall. 
4.) Post something on your wall about Pinky Nails.
After doing any of the previous, come back to this blog post and comment what you have done and leave your email address-


I did two!
I posted something on their wall and linked Pinky Nails to my wall...

All entries must be in by September 15, 2011. Drawing to be held September 16, 2011!!

Let's have fun!  Enjoy :) 


The Hewett's said...

Yay for Pinky Nails give-a-way!
I did #'s 1, 3, and 4. I didn't know how to "link" them to my wall. Guess I'm not that tech savvy!

Seige said...

I did all 4! Please pick me! I N.E.E.D this!
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I did all four!

-Amanda West

Anonymous said...

I likes pinky nails on Facebook. Wrote on their wall and posted on my wall about them! Good luck all and be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Oopsie. Forgot to add my email addy!
I just posted my entries (sept 14, today) I likes them on fb, posted on their wall and posted on mine about them.

ACT said...

Liked them on FB! These pregnant feet need a pedicure! :)


Denise said...

can't miss a chance for a free pedicure, i did 1 & 2.

Anonymous said...

I must correct my iphone spelling error...I "liked" NOT "likes" them on facebook :D lol technology?!? haha!

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