Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jilly Bean.....

Excuse some of these photo's. Apparently I didn't have my camera set up for the excitement :)

But I love them all the same.

Our little Jilly Bean (Jillian) turned twelve.......TWELVE this past month.

She has been wanting a guitar for the past year.

I found this life is good tee and couldn't resist it for her bday.

Especially since she had know idea she would be getting the real deal.....

Unfortunately, the only negative thing about Jillian's birthday is that it falls the day before school starts every year.

which means, that her party normally falls weeks before and is almost always shared with her sisters.

This year, on her day, we just had a small cake, she asked for her first Mani/ Pedi and shrimp fettuccine for dinner (recipe to follow sometime in the near future!) .....

And for an art party.

Jillian is our little artist. She is so creative. She LOVES to draw, paint, write, craft, sew.... you name it, she loves it!

I can not take credit for all below. It was an collaboration of inspiration from customers, the Internet and friends. But it was Oh.So.Fun!

We had to push the party out 3 weeks from her birthday and it was a whirlwind of a weekend!

Tim and I attended a marriage conference that was one of the best things we have done in our marriage! It was jam packed and filled every second of the weekend up until Jillian's party Sunday. Hopefully I will get a post on that soon!

 I have still yet to answer some email questions I have receive from some of you and I do apologize for it taking awhile! I'm getting all those answers together and hopefully out to you soon! Life is full and when the kiddos get in the car from school and the hubs comes home from work, I try to give them my full attention. Lately that means, the computer stays at the shop and you receive my voice mail when calling.

The Party Girls all sat down at the table to begin and had "artist block". I told them they could walk around the house for inspiration. That is really cool to me now, because in each of their art I can see where they pulled their inspiration from without even asking them....

Enjoy the pics! Hope they add a little inspiration to your next event :)

Happy Thursday! Hope you have great plans for your long weekend!!


Christy said...

About to head to bed at 2:48am and checked on your latest post. All of the pictures of Jillian are so precious. It shows her tender, sweet, loving spirit so well. All of your girls have such beautiful spirits, and these pictures capture Jillian's! Here painting from the party is fabulous, and the mani/pedi looks great! ;)
Love you all and miss you!

CGH said...

Love love love all the pics and fun! You guys are an amazing family! ;)

Wanting What I Have said...

Happy Bday to Jillian!!! What a FUN party!! :) love the cup cakes!

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