Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Weekend.....

My head is spinning thinking about this weekend. Not in a bad way, but we have a lot going on.  If there is one thing I remember about every year as we approach spring time....... it is a full, but it is a fun season!

My girls are not playing ball this season, which makes Tim and I a little sad, but we laid a ground rule awhile back- that we would not have too many events going on during the week that would separate our family.

The big girls wanted to try out a couple months back for the school play Beauty and the Beast. That only pressed that above rule I mentioned into light even more so. We really wanted them to commit to either the play, or ball. We knew they wouldn't fully be able to commit to both and give it their 100%, so they had to choose; and they chose the play.

More on that later....

Homeschooling Elizabeth is going great. I finally, dare I say, feel like our routine is running smoothly. I am a stickler to a schedule, and without it, Elizabeth and I don't function that well. It is going so well, that after much prayer, we have decided to Homeschool all three girls next year.

Because I need a little help with all the fabulous programs out there in cyberspace, we are having a HUGE Five family yard sale at Tim's office this Saturday (for you locals- visit my Facebook page or email me for details on the Yard Sale)  . This is in hopes we can walk away with enough cash to buy the Mac daddy of computers to assist in the Homeschooling process. More on all that later as well.....

After our Yard Sale Saturday, we will be heading over to Landmark Park for their Annual Spring Farm Day event....

It's going to be awesome. It is one of Landmark's biggest events of the year. Very educational, very fun, and not to mention, you get to explore the beauty of the park on a beautiful spring day!

Perfect time for my plug-

If you are NOT a member, this is the perfect time to join. Family Memberships are as low as $60 a YEAR! You can get into the park daily for free with a membership and enjoy the benefit of receiving notification of events held throughout the year. You will not regret it. Trust me, even if you only venture to the park a few times a year (depending on your family size), you probably could have purchased a membership for the price you paid for those few admission fees at the gate.

Please join us this Saturday from 10-4 at Landmark Park for their Spring Farm Day; and when arriving, consider purchasing or renewing your membership. We appreciate your support so very much!

Well, my blogging time is up! I am in the process of gathering pics from this event to post.......

it just takes awhile to gather and load hundreds of memories.

Hope to see you Saturday!!

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JMW said...

Best of luck to you with the homeschooling next year. That takes tremendous commitment and I'm sure you are more than ready for the challenge. Hope all goes well with the yard sale so that you can purchase that super-duper computer!

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