Thursday, May 3, 2012

because everyone has a little country in them....

Even if you don't like the smell of the chicken coop, the cow pastures or the hay bales; you probably own a pair of cowboy boots (or wish you did). So deep down, you must have a little country in you. If you are like me, every time our family ventures to the great outdoors, my heart goes calm and I never want to leave.

Tim and I often say, "let's sell our house and move out here". Not saying we never will, we've just built our family and home in our city house, and so it just doesn't feel like we are supposed to. At least not now.

But who says you can't bring a little country to the city????

I am so very thankful we have a nice little sunny spot in our back yard. And extremely thankful, we took the plunge to plant a garden this year. This morning Elizabeth and I searched the world. wide. web, for info I just couldn't seem to answer for her about our little beds.

While we were checking out the reasons our Squash and Pumpkin blooms were falling off the vine, we boiled us 3lbs of homemade boiled peanuts....

Here's what we did.....

3lbs of raw peanuts
10 tbls of salt (we like them salty- add 8tbls if you don't)
12 cups of water

Boiled 2 1/2- 3 hours

And then Enjoy! This was our very first, but definitely NOT our last time to boil peanuts. This just might take over the afternoon popcorn crave :)

 (it was Elizabeth's idea to "decorate" with the empty the way that kid thinks!)

So if you didn't know that it is natural for some of the squash blooms to fall off the vine. Then DON'T panic like we did. Just click the link above, breath easier, and then talk about how awesome our God is, by creating such a cool thing.

Heading over to Dothan Nurseries for the Farmer's Market tomorrow 9am-1pm. Head over there to see all our fabulous friends, including these guys. Hope to see you there :)


Alyssa said...

Have you ever fried squash blossoms with cheese packed in them? Sooo good!!

bellamia said...

No, but YUUUUUUM! Will try that! Thanks for the tip!

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