Wednesday, May 2, 2012

because I don't do boring....anymore

Tim asked me a few months back, why I never wore anything colorful. My closet is filled with black, brown, white, cream, grey and the occasional navy. Most everything is solid, although there might be a pop of some print here and there.

I looked at him wondering if I should be offended.  But he was really just asking out of curiosity, and stated that I always had a reason for everything I did, so what's the scoop on my clothes.

I told him, I think it's because, although I love to shop, I really want something timeless. Things I can put together, mix and match being my goal, and that my statement is made through my accessories??

Then I started thinking about how my home is nothing like my clothes. Timeless, really isn't my purpose with it. I don't tend to buy the nick knacks or clutter my home with accessories. It's statement is usually found in the fabrics I choose, the colors I paint, and the patterns I use. 

For the LONGEST time, I would look at magazine after magazine and "wish" my house would flow and look all the same, and just be "my style". But it kept nagging me that I couldn't "get" some things just like I wanted them, what was my style, how do I "get" it. I liked this style and that style. My mom would say things like "you like change so much, I wasn't sure if you would like this?", as I opened a gift from her. 

Then I realized, it wasn't about change. It's about expression, and creativity. So I tossed the magazine image out of my head and decided, every room has a purpose, a story with pieces and colors and prints that I can use to tell it. Not that a "flowing" house can''s just so fun for me this way. So when I would do things like paint my hard wood floors, or some kitchen chairs red, something would swell up inside and I realized how much fun it was to just create. And a little piece of my creator smiled inside, because after all, if God was boring, He would've placed Adam and Eve in a desert, not a Garden.....

So because I don't do boring, I did this.......

For $20.00 and about 12hours, I transformed my hallway. Yes, it's just a hallway. But now, it's something really fun to walk down. So, my house doesn't flow; unless you view it as ripples of the unexpected.

Speaking of Magazines.......while I was doing this little task above, this came in the mail.......

and KNOCKED me over that her room made the cover. I was completely flattered, shocked, and over come with giddy, but mainly because God sent it to me at a perfect time.

I'll save that for another time....maybe :)


kkd said...

Love the new hallway!! You are amazing in everything that you do!

Jennie Chancey said...

Yay, Katie!!! It's gorgeous, and I know Jillian adores it. You are so creative. I love the striped hallway, too!

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