Thursday, January 31, 2013

good morning peeps...

Tim's been here teaching this week. Too bad he's worked so hard he hasn't stepped foot on the white sands.

We, are a different story.......

Photo by kcpilcher

Photo by kcpilcher

we're packing it up and headed home in a few, and praying that when we return, that THIS situation is resolved and there is much safety for precious Ethan. Praying that Ethan is returned safely to his parents, and that the Lord erase the terror this sweet child endured over this event. My prayer is that he would become closer to our Lord Jesus through this and that Satan stay far away from feeding him fear, doubts and lies over this horrible situation and protect him from them over his entire life. You Lord, are the redeemer. You can redeem any situation and we look to you for redemption in this. We know God, that you love your children. We thank you for loving us so much you sacrificed your own son, so we may live in that great love you have for us, for eternity. Father, surround us all with your peace. We ask you in your precious Son's name. 

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