Friday, June 7, 2013

few words....

I really have few words to be able to get out of my heart for the joy I feel about this little angel...

I was contacted back in February (I think, maybe March??) from her parents. They were awaiting the time of travel to China to pick up their new daughter, and asked me if I would design Allie Ruth's room.  We were turning one of her big brother's room, into a space of her own. 

I really, don't think I can express in writing the amazing blessing God gave me through designing this room. Each detail was so important to me for this precious girl. Please read all about their story here.  Her parents and brothers adored her before even touching her. Before laying eyes on her...God gave them a great love for her, and I wanted each and every detail to reflect that, and so did they. This was to be her safe haven. A place she will forever call home. No more cribs lined up in an orphanage. She will now sleep in her own bed, play on her own soft rug, dazzle in her dress up closet, and be cuddled and rocked by someone she will call mama and daddy. Again, few words.... many tears of joy tonight. God is good.

Good night, peeps :)

my partner in crime, she refuses to leave me alone when I'm burning the midnight oil on any job. She's a jewel. 

the artist, one talented gal :)

airport reunion with big brothers.

"He has done immeasurably more then all we ask or imagine, all according to his power." Eph 3:20


Wanting What I Have said...

Oh Katie! It's beautiful! How sweet and precious-the whole thing! :) (From sweet little girl to her beautiful new room!)

Darby said...

Ahhhhhmazing!!!! Katie.... I love it all and what a sweet angel!!! Praying for them as they adjust and I know she will love her beautiful room!! Such a wonderful job!!! xoxo

Jessica said...

You did an AH-MAZING job!!! I love every single detail in this room! You are super talented!

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