Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grillin' it up!

I hadn't intended to blog this lunch item, but when all the girl's exclaimed that it was so good and that I had to make this regularly, then I decided that you needed to know about it. I quickly grabbed my camera before I devoured mine, so there are no pics of the process....sorry!

I realize that some of you might not want to fire up the grill in the middle of the day, so you can easily make your patties ahead of time or the night before.

I ran to the grocery store today and for some odd reason, after grabbing my eggs and heading to the register couldn't get the Swiss Cheese craving out of my mind as I passed all the dairy items....

I've been doing an Eat Clean challenge since February 1st. Do you hear me people.... NO Cheese, white sugar, sugary carbs, flour etc for about 8 weeks now.

I've had my cheat meals, but very few. I decided this past week, to go off the challenge, but not because I was tired of it, but it had already taken over our life, in a good way.

I had forced myself (and my family) to "Eat Clean" and so with out thinking, my menu and lifestyle recently changed easily to it. Because of that, I decided to take myself off the challenge, because I would just plan to "eat clean" always, and instead of having a "cheat day" (a day per week, you can eat anything you want), I would just monitor and limit what I eat that is not the greatest for you ;)

With that in mind, my absolute love of bread isn't an issue at the moment, and I find myself coming up with alternatives immediately for it. When I had a "burger" for the first time on the challenge, I just used lettuce to wrap the burger up in like a wrap, which I still love, but today I wanted to mix things up.....when I wanted Swiss cheese all of a sudden, I immediately wanted an ooey gooey cheese burger. So this is what I made....

For the patties-

2lbs ground beef
 salt to taste (maybe about 1tsp...I just sprinkle, so not exactly sure)
3TBLS Dijon mustard
1/4 of medium size sweet onion, finely chopped
1/2 of a jalapeno pepper finely chopped (I left some seeds for heat)
1 egg

Smush altogether and form into 8-10 patties (we don't make large ones)

Grill over medium heat for about 20min, continuing to flip. If you make ahead of time, make sure you leave your patties slightly pink in the center. I like to eat mine medium anyway, but if you are to reheat, you surely don't want to cook them all the way through on the grill first or you will have one dry burger when reheating.

After patties are done, I laid out a large flour tortilla, placing spinach and then a few slices of swiss cheese, then my patty. I didn't add any other condiment. To me, it didn't need it, with the mustard, pepper and onion in the meat; that was plenty of flavor and kept things juicy.

Fold up all sides the tortilla (meeting in the middle, like you would a corner of a present when wrapping), and place seam side down in a skillet heated with a drizzle of Olive Oil. Grill both sides until desired crispness and long enough for cheese to melt inside. Seam side will end up sticking closed.

Slice at an angle, serve with sweet potato fries and enjoy!  :)

This little one, is teething up a storm.....

and a strong little thing. I'll be back with an update soon, peeps!

Happy Hump Evening!

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