Wednesday, March 12, 2014

we've got to quit meeting like this.....

it's like one of those friends you are dying to have coffee with, but can't make the schedule work. Just so you can sit back and soak in the life that they are breathing out to you. Just enjoying each others company......

If I were to show you my home right now, you would question why I am blogging instead of folding laundry. If you don't know me by now, let me introduce myself....My name is Katie Pilcher, and I despise, I mean utterly despise folding laundry, but I also despise the mountains of it that are piled between my bedroom and the laundry room.

I keep telling myself I'll get to it.........

It's been a heavy few weeks since last meeting with y'all.

I finally managed to spend some time finishing the "babies" room.

The inspiration, honestly came from our Lizzy, and then secondly from the name banner on Hope's crib.

A friend brought me that banner in the hospital the day after we got Hope.

Finishing the last details of this room came at one of the most saddest times in my adult hood.

I had a photo shoot scheduled on this room last Tuesday, and on Monday my Papa passed away, while in his sleep....

He was able to cuddle with Hope in this pic, just two weeks before his death.

As I was finishing the room later that day and into the next, I kept thinking about how he and my Nana had a vivid part in that room. Papa made sure you were going to know how to work, and work hard. He spent lots of time with our Elizabeth. I was pregnant with Lizzy when my Nana died, and Elizabeth is her namesake.

My grandmother taught me to sew, along with cooking and baking bread. She preferred making her own patterns (as I do as well, or should I say, I can't stand to follow a pattern. too many steps, so little time),  and would carefully show me how important it is to "pin" my fabric before sewing, or I'd regret it....and she was right....

I know fully that this room was created out of life and skill lessons that my grandparents taught me. It will be enjoyed by their great grandchildren because of the fruits of their love and time they gave to teach me at such an early age. Because of this, I will be forever grateful. He will be missed more then I can even fathom now, because it's still so fresh. But the thought of Nana and Papa together again, worshiping their King in Heaven, brings such joy to my heart. My Nana had a smile like our Elizabeth's that just lights up a room. There isn't a question that her smile alone made Jesus dance with her on His faithful servant's homecoming.

my blogging time is up. I have a little bundle that has learned she can talk and get people's attention. And my attention, is what she's going after at this moment.

I'll leave you with a few details of the room......

1. Lizzy's favorite color is blue.
2.  She wanted a bed that could "close up" like a "hide out" since she was sharing her space with a sibling 10 years younger.
3. I left Lizzy's original bedding because it was expensive and it was still in great shape. I don't mind mixing patterns like that. The name banner provided me comfort in that. I love those mixed calico prints on it, and just thought I'd combine other prints to join it.
4. I took Lizzy's bed skirt to make Hope's crib skirt. The crib, bumper and sheet was at our home, brought and set up by a friend and our other girlies before we even arrived home from the hospital with Hope. Such a blessing. I wouldn't dream of changing that memory.
5. We had drawers built under her bed since we had to omit a chest of drawers for space. Allowing Lizzy's bed higher so that Hope wouldn't be able to get up there for a couple years without help.
6. Lizzy tells us "good night, sweet dreams, see you in the morning. I love you." EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. and has for years. So that is why it is written on a chalkboard above her head.
7. When Hope moves to a twin bed we will mimic Elizabeth's bed on the adjacent wall, with drawers underneath for Hope.
8. A friend let me borrow her adorable Blabla mobile, while Hope's is still on back order. I remember this friend purchasing it from my store when she was pregnant with her son. I still think this is one of the sweetest mobiles ever.
9. The cowhide rug is placed because I needed a thin rug so that drawers would not get caught up on when opening. Also, I repainted the floors from green and white check to cream and white check, so I didn't want to cover too much of it. Also, Lizzy is approaching preteens and she is a funky girl so I needed to add some funky elements to make it look "grown-y".
10. It also gave the gold tone that I followed in the antique' lighting and frames. We have an old home so I love to keep some "age" in each room.

Hope y'all are having a great week. I'm not planning on leaving y'all too long.....I've got a little something in the works that involves this place.....


Kessler said...

I absolutely love this room and the colors are perfect. Beautiful space!

Wanting What I Have said...

Precious girls' room!!!

I got teary reading about Papa. I know y'all will miss him terribly. I'll be praying for you and your mama, too.

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