Monday, October 20, 2014

a hello...and a super yummy and simple healthy recipe :)

So, it's not my Nana's pot roast recipe yet.....but I did just whip this up for lunch and decided it was blog worthy because of it's simplicity, AND after hearing Elizabeth's...."Mmmmmm, this is so good, Mom."

After a week of a completely blessed and thankful vacation to the sand and sea, and a hectic week while Tim was away prior to that; our "diet" of choice has been one not to brag about.....

Honestly, the last 8 weeks or so, we've slacked on the healthy eating and I'm feeling it through my whole body...mind and soul included.

So, I told the family that we were back at it, so better get ready. It's hard to eat clean when you're so busy.....BUT, it's not the cooking on the hard's the preparation for the week, so that you don't "do easy" and "cheat"..... Those Buy One Get One frozen pizzas look mighty easy and cheap, but is it good for you....I'll let you decide.

So I had some ground chicken that I was going to use for dinner tonight and just ran up to the little grocery down the road for some fresh green beans and decided to use a little of both for a quick and healthy lunch for Lizzy and myself...

Again, since I wasn't planning on blogging it, you only get the finished product and none of the cooking. It truly is simple and you can whip it up in 15mins.

Ingredients-and I don't measure if I'm not planning to record it, so you might have to adjust a tad..

1lb of FRESH green beans (snap the ends off)
1/3lb ground chicken
1 chopped green onion
1 generous tsp of curry powder
salt to taste (about 1 tsp)
olive oil (drizzle)
coconut milk
toasted almonds

I heated the oil in the pan while snapping my green beans and added them as I snapped. Then I immediately added my chicken , salt and curry powders. On med-high heat, I stirred and tossed until chicken was done (white in the middle- easy to tell with ground chicken. about 5-7mins)

I then added my onion and drizzled with coconut milk until I had the chicken mixture coated. I didn't want a "soupy" mix, just kind of "dressed", cut heat down to low, stir it to completely coat the beans and chicken,  put a lid on it and walk away for a few minutes.

Serve it up with some toasted almonds (lightly salted)-

And enjoy your "clean" and healthy meal :) Serves 2 (FYI- I think this would be delicious served cold, so the left overs are going in a mason jar to school tomorrow for the big girl's lunch)

I've changed my menu tonight and decided this was just too easy not to repeat! I 've got a meeting at supper time, so this would be super easy to prepare for the fam before heading out. I'll be tripling the recipe tonight but might only do 2 tsp of curry powder. If you love curry, then add to taste :)

I'd love to hear your feed back.... Do my recipes help you busy peeps out there? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, or on FB if you have a suggestion or say "keep 'em coming!"...

I brought the "real" camera out on our beach trip, along with the phone one.... Enjoy some of the pics below.

Our girlies are growing up and sweet, little Hope will be ONE YEAR OLD next month! Our girls make me smile. Happy Monday!

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