Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

This week for "Thursday Tidbits" -I would like to share about this past weekend's Market trip! I found some adorable new lines for next Spring! Yes, I know what you're thinking "NEXT SPRING"! In fashion retail you buy way ahead. This is GREAT for us, because we just finished the season we are buying for. It makes buying easier, so requests are fresh on our mind from our customers and we know what did and didn't sell well or what we did or didn't need more of in our store. This was also a gift Market, so I was able to scout out and buy some FABULOUS toys and accessories for this coming holiday season! I don't have any pictures of these, but I will give you a sneak peak into next spring! Enjoy- Katie

Below is what I consider a FABULOUS new line "Ga Ga Chic" for bellamia
Pictured are just a few pieces out of what will be in our store in Spring '09 (can't wait)!

And wait until you see there price point- FABULOUS!!

Catamini never seems to disappoint me with there Spring Collection! This dress is GORGEOUS!

This dress can easily be taken into fall!

What little boy doesn't have a sail boat or safari print outfit for Spring?

If your little one doesn't, then this outfit is the one to get from Spudz!

Hello Ducks!! This duck smocking by Vive La Fete is precious! I will have it on dresses, bubbles, and shortalls!

Vintage is back! Can anyone say "Grandmother's kitchen table cloth"? If you don't care for this print, don't worry there are TONS more Adorable Baby Nay to choose from. But if you LOVE this- hurry in next Spring for your size, because Baby Nay flies out of the Shop!

Oh, and saving the BEST for last!!! Drum roll please..........................
Kissy Kissy's going to Toddler!!! Hurray!!!

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