Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Hey Everyone!! I know this is posting late today, but I have been super busy!! I know I have mentioned this more then once, but I LOVE FALL!!!!! This is my FAVORITE time of year! I love this season in the shop, it is SO much fun to sell!!
Speaking of Bellamia....... this past week marked number 10 on the count for my husband and I to be married and we spent some time reflecting on those 10 years (and alittle before......hey, who doesn't like to reminisce on those dating years......less responsibilities, no kids, no mortgage, no kids, candle light dinners, no kids, movies (with out paying a bsitter, because you have no kids)...., really, God has truly blessed our marriage and our three beautiful girls.
I am not an easy person to live with. I do want my life to be used to the fullest, so that meant when he married me he knew to strap on his seat belt it was going to be a fast ride! We have had many adventures and been stretched and strengthened in our marriage and faith like I never thought. We have almost owned the shop for half of our marriage and starting a business is no piece of cake. Trial and Error, unfortunately was a big part of the beginning.....getting past that has taken time and humbling lessons. My husband is a very patient, kind and gentle man. When I mess up so badly, he forgives me before I even asked. I couldn't have the business without him. He handles all the finances, builds and has built almost ALL our displays in the store, builds me up and encourages me with all my ideas, and shopping this past weekend on our anniversary get-a-way picked up a very nice article of clothing that caught me so off guard (I think he's developed an eye for European clothing!!!!!!). And handling all this is just a small percentage of what he does day to day. I love you honey!!!
So just know, that when you walk through the doors of Bellamia, you are walking into an adventure.....our adventure, so we hope you enjoy the ride.............I think you will!!!


Darby said...


what an awesome post! i love to hear about your adventure and congrats on 10 years of marriage! what an amazing and patient husband you have!!

love, D

ashley said...

i enjoyed reading your post katie! i am also enjoying "your" adventure! keep up the great work!-ashley

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