Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Tidbits... (a little advise too!)

On a mom note- I'm going to have fun this year even if it kills me.......... Somehow, that statement just doesn't go together- FUN and DYING!?!? I have been thinking about how summer is so fun, kids are out of school, schedule....what schedule, vacation, sunny days...etc. Then it starts... school, the rush out of the house to get to school, after school commitments, homework, Church commitments,homework, work (did work ever end), hurricane days, homework, oh and did I mention homework! My point is..... LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!! Take a breath, slow down a little, and maybe even STOP awhile, do something this week that is out of the norm. Skip that extra activity, shut your phones off and cuddle with your babies, take a date with your honey!! But most importantly, do all of your life with joy and excitement. You will live, because HE died, be thankful for all that you are able to do, because of Him!
On the business note- The "Tea Party Etiquette'" Classes started this week with SO much fun!!! I do believe the children had a blast and learned a lot already! Call or e-mail us to sign up for October classes.

Things might be a little crazy in our parking lot this week due to The Butcher's Block opening today @ 10am. Take note, we do have back parking. I can't wait to see what they all have to offer! See you soon!

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amy said...

Good thing to remember...could you remind me again around Christmas :)

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