Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Tidbits!

Aren't these cool mornings FABULOUS!!!! I love Fall! It is my favorite time of year....pumpkin patch, spiced tea, sweaters, fires, soups, breezes, leaves..... I could go on and on! This is also my favorite season in the shop. I love fall clothes! Little boy sweaters and corduroy pants. Dresses with cute tights. It has been so much fun and bittersweet to see some of our favorite outfits disappear off the racks already this season. We are happy they are in your hands and on your little one! I asked a company of mine that make boy 2 piece sets if they would break the set and make me some solid corduroy pants to go with many of my applique' tees for boys and they said yes. They arrived yesterday and have been a HUGE hit, I do not think they will last long. Hurry in soon for your size. Oh, and check tomorrows blog for a fabulous "Fabulous Friday" item! You will love it! Enjoy!

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