Thursday, April 15, 2010

back at the ranch.........

we have been busy little bees...our friend, told us about a wonderful book! After reading it, and some inspiration from some friends, we decided this spring we would plant a garden! We wanted to give our girls the FULL experience (as in start with SEEDS...yikes!) so we headed down to one of our most FAVORITE PLACES to go! Well, 4 weeks later it was time to plant......






these are just a few of our goodies we've planted!

We even bought a few citrus trees....


While I was in the yard, I decided to snap a few shots of what's blooming and turning green...

flower pots



While I was snapping pics, I heard lots of laughter behind me.....apparently, Emily was driving in circles under our zip-line in the girls Power Wheels Jeep while Elizabeth was going down it and was timing it just right to drop into the Jeep from the air.......

girls having fun

She made it! And had fun doing it too!

Headed to Market this past weekend for Fall '10! Here are a few sneak peeks......


funtasia owl

florence eiseman

luigi pirate



JMW said...

Don't you love that everything is blooming? Great garden - congrats on the fruits of your labor! Love the new clothes, too. Adorable (as are your girls - I have an Elizabeth, too!)

Bellamia said...

Yes we do!!! Thanks so much!

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