Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekend Recap......

Where do I even begin! Here is a QUICK recap of our Easter weekend~
Let's start with Saturday because no pictures of Friday, though it was GREAT to be out of school! We had a wonderful Friday and yet again got to explain to one of our girls (can you guess!) why Good Friday is Good to us Christians even though to her she thought it should be named Sad Friday, because of what happened to Jesus that day.
Saturday a.m. we headed to our church's annual Easter Story Time and Egg Hunt......
on the hunt
The Children sure did take off and not only peeked in the bushes for eggs but did a little bit of this for an egg as well.......
climbing lizzy
One of the "hiders" observed our little monkey and said laughing..."we thought they would just shake the tree..but no, not Lizzy!".. She did get fact, that was the second tree she climbed for an egg!
It was so much fun with snacks and games and kite flying too!!!
We headed home and the girls helped me cook and set the table for our Easter celebration the next day! My mom brought me some tulips (I love tulips!) and so it was easy, fun and simple to get this table together with the help of my three amigos!
bird nest
The next morning we awoke the girls and all looked out our window and saw this.....
My oldest looked at me and said.."this is EXACTLY the way I imagined in my head it looked like the Easter morning when the women went to the tomb!... My thoughts exactly! It was something special for sure out side Sunday morning! As if the fog was the grieving for what had happened just a few days before! And the sunshine, the reminder of the rising of our Savior!
It didn't take long for the sun to come out after that and shine it did! This is a quick attempt to capture a few snaps with the camera before heading to church after jumping out of the car (because we were already buckled and ready to go!)......
After we stuffed ourselves full of yummy food, we enjoyed playing outside with family and friends!
played a little soft ball as well.....
Soft Ball
speaking of softball......let the games begin! Tim, the girls and myself are playing, so we hit the field just about every night of the week! It's crazy busy, but WE.LOVE.IT.!
Monday morning came quickly and met me with some adorable surprises!!!!
Misha Lulu 002
Misha Lulu
(call/email for availability, would be happy to ship)
I know, I know......."Quick" post in your mind is probably a marathon in mine!!
Thanks for hanging on until the end!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
May we walk in the celebration of eternal LIFE for the sins that were paid for by our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ on the cross and by conquering the grave!! AMEN!

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Bonnie said...

love the recap and the message about our risen Lord!

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