Friday, June 10, 2011

Viewer Discretion Advised.....

Wow, you a probably wondering what this title is all about.

Basically, I have the privileged of using this blog as my little soap box sometimes. And today, I would like to stand on it.

I am women, hear me roar!

What if I could just jump right into the black and white t.v. show with an apron on, my child biking down to the local grocer, and husband coming home from his 8-5 job at approximately 5:05pm everyday, with the only negative words coming out of my mouth when I dropped the fresh homemade blueberry pie on the ground being "oh fiddle de de".

My how times change.  Besides the apron, my child doesn't bike to the local grocer and my husband doesn't show up the same time everyday and I say more than "fiddle de de" when I drop anything food related on the ground.

I say all this because though times have changed, somethings don't need to.

I understand that the English language changes. In fact, I can type the word "gotta"  at this very moment and my spell check won't even pick it up, but the two (now three) times I have typed "Fiddle de de", it shows up incorrect EVEN if I try multiple spellings, it doesn't recognize a very verbally used word 50 years ago.

My point (and this is where I stand tall on my soap box):

My mom's generation: this boy is cute. Super Cute!

My generation: this boy is fine. Mega fine!

My daughter's generation: this guy is Hot! Like OMG HOT!

If I could tell you the amount of times I heard that word referenced at a boy in my daughter's age group the end of this school year you would think I was exaggerating. In fact, my 7yr old told us the other night a school mate told her she was Hot.

I understand that words can mean one thing and the way you say them can magnify them, but to me, Cute, means good looking, Fine, means really good looking, but, Hot, means a whole lot more than that.

Pardon my bluntness, but if I EVER use the word Hot referring to my husband, it will mean a whole lot more than the fact that he is good looking, it would probably come before I jumped him. Sorry, I know bluntness isn't always necessary, but this is my soap box and I am trying to make a point here.

I could say that when I use the word Hot about my husband that I am just stating the fact that he is attractive to me, BUT, if I used the word "Oh, fiddle di di" when dropping something, now in days you might think it comical or that it really didn't matter that I dropped it, I will just "whip up another one" attitude; verses the "oh, shit!' that the world really wants to use to get the point across on how miserable that was for you to drop it and ruin your day.

Point again: If  you are using a word in the way that the world has corrupted, please teach your children what that word really means and as Christians set yourselves apart from the world. Because as I was driving down the road to drop off my nieces and nephew the other day this issue was already heavy on my heart, but made it to this blog because of this..............

this is how the world interprets the word Hot. And if this doesn't convince you enough, try Google imaging the  word Hot.

I'll step down now....


kkd said...

Tell it!!!

mary katharine said...

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I ordered Richard a Father's Day present from Hot Mama. Are we still friends?

Oh, I get your point and I don't know, there are so many issues to take up here. Things have definitely gotten out of hand, but let's not forget that it didn't happen overnight! I do believe there is a strength in the younger generation lately. I think a line's been crossed and they are more fed up than are we. And honestly, I would have been just as up in arms if someone said my daughter was cute!! What? In seventh grade!! There are so many other things to focus on at that age ... like math for instance:).
We're all in there with ya, sista!!
Good post.

Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am....ditto!!!!!!

Kathryn P.

DanaWarren said...

Katie, I'll stand on this soapbox with you! Thanks for sharing your heart and being an encouragement to me!

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