Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coupon Monday!

on Tuesday folks! Sorry, took my two big girls to camp yesterday and just couldn't get myself together on the coupon end!

and I leave you with my new favorite summer time appetizer. I had the honor of catering a special friend's 30th birthday party this past weekend. She loves fruit, she's pregnant, and her hubby wanted a light meal served.

So I added a touch of fruit to the entire meal. Maybe I will get some pictures up soon, but for now, I will leave you with one of the appetizers I served. Elizabeth LOVES figs. We have a Fig Tree, but are lucky if we just get a hand full every year before the bird devour them. This year we couldn't get to them fast enough. Well, with figs on my mind for Elizabeth, I added them to our list for the Saturday's Local Farmer's Market. We headed out Saturday for the Figs from our friends at Gaucho Farms.

 I had this idea of what I wanted to do with them, but got a little eyebrow raise from Tim when explaining. So I got a little nervous and decided I needed to make a few up for breakfast that morning for the family and a few friends to taste test. That was actually the first time I had even tried a fig (I know, sad.) anyhow, I looked at Tim, ready for the what ever he may say...

Me: How is it?
Tim: The best thing ever.

Of course, you can't hesitate if you would like to make these little guys up, because our Fig season is short and sweet! So go pick up some figs and enjoy!  My kiddos even loved them :)

Here is what you will need.

Slice your fig in half and add a piece of feta to the open side....

 Wrap in a half piece of Prosciutto and lay seam side down in a VERY hot pan (no oil or spray)...

Sear on both sides (only takes about one minute)

Add to plate and serve warm....... (I was experimenting and added a drizzle of honey in this pic. But was advised it was too sweet from the family and didn't need it so I didn't serve it with the honey drizzle later that night.)

Super Simple and Super Delicious!

Be back soon!

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faithdownunder said...

I've had this exact thing before in Australia. I remember them being very good and different!

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