Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing in the New Year!

South Carolina.....oh, how I love thee.

Did I mention that I lived there once.

We did. Right out of College. Made some life long friends there in Aiken. Learned to appreciate what a downtown CAN be and how important the Local Businesses are.

4 of us

It's where we had our first home. Tim's first Engineering job. Where the Lord shook me up and drew me to him. Where I experienced true Church community. And where I also learned that white linoleum floors are my enemy.

Natalie and I were drinking the same water when we found out we were preggos with our youngest.

Sadly, we both parted Dothan, them-just south of Greenville

But the distances hasn't kept us apart.

They've been there for us for EVERYTHING.

She is the sister I never had, and vise versa.

On the way up there I got a text-

Thai or Sushi or a really nice Jazz place tomorrow night?

Ummmmmmmmmm, hello, can I just say....DOTHAN, PLEASE OPEN A JAZZ RESTAURANT!

After an awesome night in Downtown Greenville and one dry cleaning bill later (friends don't let friends borrow your white coat at a coffee house.), we headed back to Downtown the next day for some fun on the ice......

if you are ever wondering. go ahead and slap that zoom lens on. It seems to be best at capturing the true moments when they don't think they are being watched.... Happy New Year!


Alyson said...

This is Alyson -- I asked about the curtains in a previous post. Anyways, LOVED this post - I'm from SC (Greenville/Mauldin & Clemson Alum) but now live in Omaha (married to an AF officer). SC really is God's country :)

bellamia said...

yes it is Alyson! ;) I can't find the name of my fabric, but found a piece of my swatch that said "Magnolia Home Fabrics 2004" Maybe you can Google that. I will still look for it!

kkd said...

Oh what fun!!! Love the close up shots! And Go Tim on that ice.

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