Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i blog....

good morning peeps!

I thought about building an ark over the last few days. No complaints here, we needed the rain and a good 8 inches ( i believe) is what we got!

Back in November of last year, I was mentioning to a friend, that I didn't realize the words "so what do you do?", was asked so many times, until that life changing event of closing my store occurred.

I am sure it was asked the same amount of times before, but since I now had to search for an answer, it really became evident that I needed a title.

Not that I needed the title, but titles are the short answer isn't it? I mean, do you really want to know everything I do?

Ask any Mother what they do before 7 am and you will be exhausted.

I will never forget the time Tim and I hosted a couple for dinner when we lived in South Carolina. They both worked full time in very busy industries, one of which was with my husband. They were in their mid 30's, no children, and as they (along with Tim) were talking about their busy day, there was a break in the conversation. The Husband of this couple very sarcastically, as if I truly sat around eating bon bons all day, said, "SOOOOOOO, what do YOU do all day?"...... My answer..."TODAY???".

What I really wanted to say was, "I am twenty years old, with two babies under two. You sit in my clean home for a nice quiet dinner. A hot dinner I prepared for you to enjoy. You can take that hot meal and shove it!"

Fortunately, my sweet husband knew that that was a pea brain comment this guy made, and jumped in after my "Today?" response, in my defense.

I have thought a million times, about writing a post on Stay at Home Moms versus Working Moms. But that would almost appear as though I group them as well, wouldn't it; and I hate that. The deal is, they are both Women. Women called by God to be Women of God.

That looks differently for everyone.

Just because a Woman chooses to work outside the home, doesn't mean she hates her kids, or doesn't get along with them,  or is discontent with her life, etc. Can it be for some? Sure! Just like it can be for some that all a Stay at Home Mom does is sit on the couch eating bon bons, watching soaps wishing she had value in this world and romance in her life.

I have probably beat this issue to death, but it has never been more evident to me in my life that the Lord calls individuals. Not groups. We are the ones that have created the groups. Sure you are to raise your children up in the Lord. But are you training them up in the Lord; or in your opinion. And don't use Proverbs 31 unless you are going in with an open mind, because that woman was Super Woman. And unless you are trying to go for both arguments, then you are in a lose/lose battle in my opinion.

Our children are a child of the King. That's our title. The King has servants. The servants do many many things. Whatever the King calls you to do is what you should listen too. As a parent, it is probably the biggest challenge to watch your children go in a direction you didn't think or want them to go. I would imagine that is when you would have to hold on to the promises that His plan is good. He loves them more then you. They are His, and He is their Shepard guiding His sheep. Just like He was guiding you in rearing them as children.

Whether we live in Africa with five children homeschooling them all, or are a brain surgeon with 7 children living in New York; we are all called, and you didn't do the calling for them. Just keep that in mind.

So, back to the friend's awesome advise....."Just tell them you blog".....

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Kelly said...

And I am so glad you do! Love your blog and your sweet insights.

I have begun to remind myself, it isn't what I do, it is who I am. A daughter of the King.

I so desperately want my girls to be free of the world's focus with what we do, or what we have, as our identity. SO hard! It is enough that they are His. A frequent reminder in a house of teen girls, the world is definitely not saying it.

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