Friday, August 31, 2012

summer's end.....

Good Friday Morning!

I'm here, just lacking in the opportunity to jump on the computer for a blog post. We are enjoying our last bit of summer. We're playing it old school around here and starting school after Labor Day; despite my girl's best efforts to get me to start everyday over the last 2 weeks. Summer was so crazy, I didn't want to squeeze school in. We needed a break, and now I can fully say that we are all ready to start Tuesday.

I have a "teenage post" in my head, but it will have to wait for another day, when I have more time to write. This girlie girl inspired it, when we broke into the teens a few weeks ago....

Photo: Happy 13th Jillian! So proud of this girl! @tpilcher94 @calebchancey @joshchancey

I have made a computer time all to myself in my home school schedule, so I hope to meet you here a lot more once the school year starts.

I'll leave you with a few pics of our last few lazy days of summer, which included a fun filled week in Branson, Missouri (if you remember last year), including a trip to the Price is Right, keeping my precious nephew for the week, moving into a new Booth at the Highland's Antique' Mall, and slowly but surely, getting our kitchen done (pics will have to wait :) ...... Happy Friday Y'all!

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