Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm here!

I'm alive and kicking....mainly just kicking!  This summer has been the busiest ever. We literally can't wait for school to start around our neck of the woods to get some sanity and a slower pace around here.

Little by little our school curriculum is arriving. It's like I planned it to come in multiple packages on multiple days. I wish I could take credit for it to appear that I planned it that way, but truth is, it was lack of planning; but I would definitely do it again this way.
I found it not as overwhelming when it only comes a couple subjects at a time, and I'm able to embrace the challenge a bit better.

At some point I might get a chance to post on all we're studying this year. It probably will do me some good, because it would be like my own little planning period on this blog. For now, I am waiting on these to arrive to help me.....

*photo compliments from Home School

I know there are boo-coodles of free calendars, create your own and the such online, but I liked what I viewed with this one online. I called everywhere in Dothan and this couldn't be found, so Amazon it was :)

I ordered the big planner for me and the student planner for each my girls. I feel it important that they have their own and learn how to schedule and create organization.

The Well Planned Day has everything you need to plan out a smooth day, including weekly budgets, meal plans and school schedules(every day) for each child (up to four children) and so much more that struck my interest. Hoping this will be the jewel that it appears to be ;)

Our kitchen is coming along. We are doing little by little, but have come a long way already. The ceiling is up (minus a few details for future enjoyment), every nick and cranny is painted, new door is in, and added (much needed) additional recess lighting. The back splash will be up sometime this month (hopefully before school starts), and I am in hunt for a light fixture.

Summer is full of birthdays around here....

This little joy turned 9 years old. Can't hardly believe it! And to think, that we will have a teenager in the house this Thursday...oh my!

More on the teenager later...we have special plans for her, but that is for another post.

I'm trying not to be so absent. I love my little corner of my blog world, and how it seems to be a great outlet for my thoughts; and believe it or not, creates a little piece of sanity through the crazy adventure called our life....

Happy rainy Monday y'all!


Jessica said...

I love the planners for all ages. Color coding my planner was one of my all time favorite things to do...when I was in 4th grade. I'm with you...It starts early and creates good habits. Can't wait to hear about the schooling. I LOVE school supplies so I basically could just live in your mailbox and stay happy right now!

Wanting What I Have said...

Happy Birthday Bus!!! We love you!!!

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