Friday, December 14, 2012

I am alive....

whew! I thought I might have once had the flu......

I am pretty sure I hadn't. Because it was nothing like what I had this week. Yes, Tuesday never got any better and I found myself throwing on whatever clothes I could find on the floor in my room, and heading to the closest Urgent Care shortly after they opened. I knew it was bad. I just knew I had the flu. I kept praying on the way that I wouldn't have to wait forever in the waiting room. I missed every green light from my house to there. I shouldn't have even been driving honestly, but Tim had left for work, and I wasn't thinking clearly. Literally, maybe I didn't miss every green light?? hmmmmm...

When I got there, there was only one other person in the waiting room, ahhhhh :) I was in and out with a confirmed case of the flu in 20 mins. I had know idea they were going to have to stick q-tips up to my brain to swab for it, but she did. And when she went for the other nostril, I literally wanted to punch her in the face. I mean, why torture a person when they're already down??

She made it up to me when she came back in for that beautiful, glorious, happy shot in the butt. Yes, she kept saying "relax the muscle, relax the muscle, go ahead relax the muscle...", I looked at her and said, " I am relaxed, Crossfit must be working :) " Flu or no Flu, around the holidays, any woman would like to know they're a little tighter there.

I did find out, that if I died, my kiddos would be fine. Jillian walked around the house, with an apron on, a Lysol can and kept the washing machine running. They brought me food, hot tea, and sacrificed their Kindle for me to watch endless episodes of Law and Order and goofy chick flicks, I wouldn't dare make Tim sit through.

Today, I will try to venture outdoors for the first time in days. We had already decided in November to take three weeks for Christmas Holidays and finish school later in the school year. I have spent the first week, not like I want to spend the next two. We don't want to rush our favorite time of the year, so, today will hopefully consist of crafts, home manicures, movie time and hopefully a little exercise since I had to teach my muscles how to hold myself up a few times this week.

Pictures are a few of my "happy places"... I assure you that my grandmother's tea set is only that shiny because my mother takes it home with her to polish it every time she comes to my home and sees it tarnished. I don't think I have ever polished it....maybe once....maybe. I took, my Nana's Nativity Scene out of my china cabinet yesterday. I keep forgetting to put out my Christmas decor. Our tree made it back to our kitchen this year, it is small, but it had to be, because this is the room we love it in. Our neighbors miss it in our front window, but we spend 90% of our waking hours in this room and we want to enjoy it. I'm off to enjoy another late morning cup of coffee!

Hope you guys are enjoying Christmas time and hoping this Flu bug stays far, far away from your family!

Happy Friday. y'all!!

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