Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In our almost 15 years of marriage I have only sent out Christmas cards...maybe, three times. I always want too, but then when it is like the week before (like today), I just freak out and give the, "maybe next year", pep talk in my head.

We even had a jam up party we attended, at one of the most awesome places in Dothan, where I took pictures of the ones throughout this post.

an age you literally don't have to take 500 pictures of your children to get ONE to turn out where they are all looking at the camera, and still, I can't get it together to get a card out!

I love, love, love receiving all those happy cards from friends and family. Please know you are loved, but this chick just really can't pull the Christmas Card thing off, and that is the ONLY reason you don't have an envelope with "Pilchers" on the return label.

This past Sunday's sermon, was wonderful. Not to mention the opener (which is like a prelude), was so completely awesome, I felt like I wanted to dance my way to heaven. I literally could see one of my Grandmother pulling fresh bread out of the oven, dancing in her kitchen, like nobody cared. It was so not the traditional "Oh Holy Night", which is one of Tim and my favorite Christmas Carols, but it brought us into the same state of worship that that old carol would.

When leaving church, I pondered the last two days of where I've come from. Have you ever done that? Looking back at my life and seeing where I was, to where I am today. I think I just might be old enough to do that. Just this morning my cousin tagged me on facebook in her wedding photo. I looked at it, and before reading any info on it, thought to myself that this must have been around 20 years ago. Sure enough it was their 20th Anniversary. I now say things like "gosh, that must have been 10-15years ago", all the time.

We all have a story, and it's a good thing we do. It testifies of Christ's work in our lives.The good times, the bad times, the pretty times, and the not so pretty times. All Christ's redeeming grace.

Have you ever thought that you didn't need "that" much more transformation?

Let me tell you, right before we started attending Wiregrass Church 18mos ago, at that time in my life I could recognize legalism from a mile away and I knew that Katie Pilcher, was not legalistic and I wanted no part of it. Yes, you can laugh at this statement, I deserve it. Sunday after Sunday, my heart battled with my flesh. My heart cried out that everything they were doing was so God honoring, and just so good. I could feel the presence of the Lord in that building, I could feel His smiling face staring into the hearts of His people, and more so as time went on in, my everyday, yet my stubborn flesh fought out differences. Petty, that at one point felt like mountain differences, that my heart and flesh fought daily at my whole life....

Do you know that battle? It's exhausting........ Eighteen months ago, I started seeing a judgmental and unloving heart. I so thought that I had it "under control". It was ugly. I am not saying it is gone, by all means, but boy, did the Lord reveal the "not so pretty" in my life. I thought I loved people well. I thought I accepted them for who they are well. I thought I served them well.  I thought I saw my sin for what it truly was 12 years ago when THE transformation occurred.

I thought, I thought, I thought........

This isn't a blog post on Wiregrass Church. My life is a story, and every walk, place, person, and location has played a part in shaping it. The last 18mos, is a testimony of just how much further the Lord has shown me His abounding grace. His unshakable love. His generosity of His sacrifice. His endless ability to bestow mercy on my life.

Last night, Tim and I watched this video together. Tears filled my eyes; and nothing had to be said, we both knew that the Lord has us exactly were He wants us....and that my friends, is one of the very best things you could ever want.

Eighteen months of tears, sorrow, joy, change, revealing, challenges, heartache, more tears, trials, and pain; all for His Glory. All for the transforming grace. All for my story. All because of love. All because of the abundance of generosity from our Heavenly Father. This is why, we will have a Merry Christmas.

May you have the Merriest of Christmases yet, because the transforming power of Jesus is not over with in your life.

Be Merry and Share your story!

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