Monday, February 11, 2013

tae kwon do and painted floors...

Good rainy morning, peeps!

We have been under a flood watch/warning, Tornado watch/warning and Severe Thunderstorm watch/warning over the last 12+hours. If you are picturing a red weather path on the radar, then you're accurate. It's been bad. I think the girls could go swimming in our front yard :)We hosted twelve 7th grade girlies over the weekend for a church event, so to say we were hoping for a peaceful night sleep is an understatement. As I type, our two older ones are still in the bed. We were awoken with Tornado sirens at 1:15 this morning. And after a short camp out in the hallway, it wasn't that easy to get three scared/delirious girls back to bed, and so our night was long. At one point Elizabeth came in around 3am and said...."how much longer is this gonna be, mom?"(poor thing!), when my alarm went off at 4:30am I looked at Tim and said...." No.Way.". I turned that baby off and snoozed until 7:30am. I can function on minimal sleep, but very interrupted minimal family deserves better ;) I am happy to let them sleep a few more minutes.

Here are a few pics from Lizzy's Tae Kwon Do testing to watch this girl in action :)

Also, have you ever painted over hardwood floors? I have. Two of the rooms in our home, and I LOVE it. So we are painting a super fun print in a clients room this week. Pictures to come, but in the mean time. Check a few of these out on Pinterest to inspire you.

tell love and chocolate painted floors 4

Painted floors

Love painted floors!!!

painted floors I don't know if I would do this to real hardwood floors, but if you have vinyl that looks like wood, this would be cool.  I love this idea!!!!!  Girls, would Scott kill me????

Wonderful painted floor in red and white parquet! Love!

painted floor on the deck

Great little nook in a kitchen. Made By Girl featured the clean, shiny newly painted white floors.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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Rebecca Colley said...

Look at Elizabeth go! That is awesome! She looks like she loves it! Sure do miss you all!

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